Family Comes First Essay

In life, everyone is different. Certainly, everyone in life has different values. One of the most important values to Kelsey Sadro is her family. Whether you have a big family, or a small one, people tend to always consider their family as one of the most important things in their life. With this in mind, Kelsey has a whopping sixteen aunts and uncles. Her family will get together and hang out often with some, if not all of her family members.

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Family Comes First
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However, her favorite time in which they all get together is when her dad’s side gets together for the annual family reunion. Kelsey also loves spending time with her immediate family. Her father Doug, her mother Vicky, her brother Kyle, and her sister Krystle have all been an inspiration to Kelsey. Most of all though is her mother Vicky. Kelsey said that her mother inspires her, and that her mother never has time for herself but she makes sure that everyone else is okay.

Also, her 23-year-old brother Kyle is blind.

Kelsey said that her brother gets around well and that he goes to a transition center which is basically a school for people with special needs. Kelsey also helps her brother with his life skills. I would consider Kelsey’s family special because they eat family dinner together every night. That is unusual these days. Although Kelsey loves her very large family, she also said that she wants a little family when she grows up. With this in mind, Kelsey loves her family and everything about them. She would not change them for the world.

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