Family Movie Essay

HBO Family Sri Lanka Schedule January 2016
Fri, Jan 1Sat, Jan 21:00AM Away & Back1:25AM I Spy2:35AM The Sisterhood Of The
Traveling Pants3:00AM Nacho Libre4:30AM Space Jam4:30AM The Haunting Hour S2 05:
Brush With Madness5:55AM Scooby-Doo!
Frankencreepy5:00AM The Haunting Hour S2 06:
Sick7:10AM The Ant Bully5:25AM Crashbox S1 058:40AM Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles5:55AM Crashbox S1 0610:20AM Nacho Libre6:25AM Scooby Doo 2: Monsters
Unleashed11:50AM Scooby Doo 2: Monsters
Unleashed7:55AM I Have Tourette’s But
Tourette’s Doesn’t Have Me1:20PM 101 Dalmatians8:25AM The Blind Side3:00PM In My Dreams10:30AM The Powerpuff Girls Movie4:30PM Transformers11:45AM Transformers6:50PM Enchanted
8:35PM Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles2:05PM The Haunting Hour S2 05:
Brush With Madness10:15PM The Last Mimzy2:30PM The Haunting Hour S2 06:
Sick11:50PM In My Dreams2:55PM Enchanted
4:40PM Dolphin Tale 2
6:25PM E.T.
8:20PM Race To Witch Mountain
10:00PM Confessions Of A
11:40PM I’ll Do AnythingSun, Jan 3Mon, Jan 4Tue, Jan 52:25AM Crashbox S1 062:25AM The Winslow Boy3:00AM Chance Of A Lifetime5:10AM Tim’s Vermeer2:55AM Father Figure6:30AM Race To Witch Mountain4:30AM The Haunting Hour S2 07:
Flight4:30AM The Haunting Hour S2 09:
Bad Feng Shui4:30AM The Haunting Hour S2 11:
Scarecrow4:55AM The Haunting Hour S2 10:
The Hole4:30AM The Haunting Hour S2 13:
The Most Evil Sorcerer Part
25:00AM The Haunting Hour S2 16:
Night Of The Mummy5:20AM Crashbox S1 095:00AM The Haunting Hour S2 12:
The Most Evil Sorcerer Part
15:30AM Crashbox S1 155:00AM The Haunting Hour S2 18:
The Return Of Lily D5:30AM Crashbox S1 075:50AM Crashbox S1 105:30AM Crashbox S1 115:30AM Crashbox S1 176:20AM Enchanted6:00AM Crashbox S1 125:00AM The Haunting Hour S2 14:…

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