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Fantasy Creatures

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Starting with A A Bao A Qu (Malay) – An entity that lives in the Tower of Victory in Chitor. Aatxe (Basque) – A spirit that takes the form of a bull. Abassy (Yakuts) – Demons that have teeth of iron. Abada (African) – Small type of unicorn reported to live in the lands of the African Congo. Abada (Tatar) – Forest spirit Abaia (Melanesian) – Huge magical eel Abarimon (Medieval Bestiaries) – Savage humanoid with backward feet. Abath (Malay) – One-horned animal Abatwa (Zulu) – Little people that ride ants.

Abura-bo (Japanese) – Spectral fire from Shiga Prefecture, in which the shape of a monk can often be seen.

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Abura-sumashi (Japanese) – creature from a mountain pass in Kumamoto Prefecture. Acephali (Greek) – Headless humanoids Acheri (Indian) – Disease-bringing ghost Achiyalabopa (Puebloan) – Rainbow-feathered birds Achlis (Roman) – Curious elk Adar Llwch Gwin (Welsh) – Giant birds that understand human languages. Adaro (Solomon Islands) – Malevolent merfolk Adhene (Manx) – Nature spirit Adlet (Inuit) – Vampiric dog-human hybrid Adroanzi (Lugbara) – Nature spirit Adze (Ewe people) – An African vampiric-forest being.

Aerico (Greek) – Disease demon Afanc (Welsh) – Lake monster (exact lake varies by story).

Agathodaemon (Greek) – Spirit of vinefields and grainfields. Agloolik (Inuit) – Ice spirit that aids hunters and fishermen. Agogwe (East Africa) – Small, ape-like humanoid. Ahkiyyini (Inuit) – Animated skeleton that causes shipwrecks. Ahuizotl (Aztec) – Anthropophagous dog-monkey hybrid. Aigamuxa (Khoikhoi) – Anthropophagous humanoid with eyes in its instep. Aigikampoi (Etruscan) – Fish-tailed goat Aigamuxa (Khoikhoi) – Man-eating Ogres Aitu (Polynesian) – Malevolent spirits or demons Aitvaras (Lithuanian) – Household spirit Ajatar (Finnish) – Dragon

Akabeko (Japanese) – Red cow involved in the construction of Enzo-ji in Yanaizu, Fukushima Akamataa (Japanese) – Snake spirit from Okinawa. Akateko (Japanese) – Tree-dwelling monster Akhlut (Inuit) – Orca-wolf shapeshifter Akka (Finnish) – Female spirits or minor goddesses Akki (Japanese) – Large, grotesque humanoid Akkorokamui (Ainu) – Sea monster Akuma (Japanese) – Evil spirit Akupara (Hindu) – Giant turtle that supports the world. Akurojin-no-hi (Japanese) – Ghostly flame which causes disease. Al (Armenian and Persian) – Spirit that steals unborn babies and livers from pregnant women.

Ala (Slavic) – Bad weather demon Alal (Chaldean) – Demon Alan (Philippine) – Winged humanoid that steals reproductive waste to make children. Al Basti (Turkish) – Female night-demon Alce (Heraldic) – Wingless griffin Aleya (Bengali) – Spirit of a dead fisherman. Alicanto (Chilean) – Bird that eats gold and silver. Alicorn – Technically a unicorn’s horn. In modern times is commonly misapplied to winged unicorns. Alkonost (Slavic) – Angelic bird with human head and breasts. Allocamelus (Heraldic) – Ass-camel hybrid Allu (Akkadian and Sumerian) – Faceless demon Almas (Mongolian) – Savage humanoid

Al-mi’raj (Islamic) – One-horned rabbit Aloja (Catalan) – Female water spirit Alom-bag-winno-sis (Abenaki) – Little people and tricksters Alp (German) – Male night-demon Alphyn (Heraldic) – Lion-like creature, sometimes with dragon or goat forelegs. Alp-luachra (Irish) – Parasitic fairy Al Rakim (Islamic) – Guard dog of the Seven Sleepers Alseid (Greek) – Grove nymph Alu (Assyrian) – Leprous demon Alux (Mayan) – Little people Amaburakosagi (Japanese) – Ritual disciplinary demon from Shikoku. Amala (Tsimshian) – Giant who holds up the world. Amamehagi (Japanese) – Ritual disciplinary demon from Hokuriku.

Amanojaku (Japanese) – Small demon Amarok (Inuit) – Giant wolf Amarum (Quechua) – Water boa spirit Amazake-babaa (Japanese) – Disease-causing hag Amemasu (Ainu) – Lake monster Ammit (Ancient Egyptian) – Female demon with a body that was part lion, hippopotamus and crocodile. Amoronagu (Japanese) – Tennyo from the island of Amami Oshima. Amphiptere (Heraldic) – Winged serpent Amphisbaena (Greek) – Serpent with a head at each end. Anakim (Jewish) – Giant Androsphinx (Ancient Egyptian) – Human-headed sphinx Angel (Christian, Islamic, Jewish, and Zoroastrian) – Heavenly being, usually depicted as a winged humanoid.

Angha (Persian) – Dog-lion-peacock hybrid Ani Hyuntikwalaski (Cherokee) – Lightning spirit Ankou (French) – Skeletal grave watcher with a lantern and a scythe. Anmo (Japanese) – Ritual disciplinary demon from Iwate Prefecture Antaeus (Greek) – A giant who was extremely strong as long as he remained in contact with the ground Antero Vipunen (Finnish) – Subterranean giant Ao Ao (Guarani) – Anthropophagous peccary or sheep Aobozu (Japanese) – Blue monk who kidnaps children (See also pedophile. ) Apkallu (Sumerian) – Fish-human hybrid that attends the god Enki Apsaras (Buddhist and Hindu) – Female cloud spirit

Aqrabuamelu (Akkadian) – Human-scorpion hybrid Ardat-Lili (Akkadian) – Disease demon Argus Panoptes (Greek) – Hundred-eyed giant Arikura-no-baba (Japanese) – Old woman with magical powers Arimaspi (Greek) – One-eyed humanoid Arion (Greek) – Extremely swift horse with a green mane and the power of speech Arkan Sonney (Manx) – Fairy hedgehog Asag (Sumerian) – Hideous rock demon Asakku (Sumerian) – Demon Asanbosam (West Africa) – Iron-toothed vampire Asena (Turkic) – Blue-maned wolf A-senee-ki-wakw (Abenaki) – Stone-giant Ashi-magari (Japanese) – Invisible tendril that impedes movement Asiman (Dahomey) – Vampiric possession spirit

Askefrue (Germanic) – Female tree spirit Ask-wee-da-eed (Abenaki) – Fire elemental and spectral fire Asobibi (Japanese) – Spectral fire from Kochi Prefecture Aspidochelone (Medieval Bestiaries) – Island-sized whale or sea turtle Asrai (English) – Water spirit Astomi (Hindu) – Humanoid sustained by pleasant smells instead of food Aswang (Philippine) – Carrion-eating humanoid Atomy (English) – Surprisingly small creature Ato-oi-kozo (Japanese) – Invisible spirit that follows people Atshen (Inuit) – Anthropophagous spirit Auloniad (Greek) – Pasture nymph Avalerion (Medieval Bestiary) – King of the birds

Awa-hon-do (Abenaki) – Insect spirit Axex (Ancient Egyptian) – Falcon-lion hybrid Ayakashi (Japanese) – Sea-serpent that travels over boats in an arc while dripping oil Ayakashi-no-ayashibi (Japanese) – Spectral fire from Ishikawa Prefecture Aziza (Dahomey) – Little people that help hunters Azukiarai (Japanese) – Spirit that washes azuki beans along riversides Azukibabaa (Japanese) – Bean-grinding hag who devours people Azukitogi (Japanese) – Spirit that washes azuki beans along riversides Starting with B Ba (Egyptian) – word for the soul of the deceased. It was depicted as a bird or a human-headed bird.

Baba Yaga (Slavic) – Forest spirit and hag Backoo (Guyanese) – Malevolent little people Bagiennik (Slavic) – Malevolent water spirit Bahamut (Arabian) – Giant fish Bar Juchne (Abrahamic and Talmudic) – A bird Bashe (Chinese) – Elephant-swallowing serpent Bai Ze (Chinese) – Talking beast which handed down knowledge on harmful spirits Ba Jiao Gui (Chinese) – Banana tree spirit Bake-kujira (Japanese) – A ghostly whale skeleton that drifts along the coastline Bakeneko (Japanese) – Magical cat Bakezori (Japanese) – Animated straw sandal Bakhtak (Iranian) – Night demon

Baku (Japanese) – Dream-devouring, tapir-like creature Bakunawa (Philippine) – Sea serpent that causes eclipses Balaur (Romanian) – Multi-headed dragon Bannik (Slavic) – Bathhouse spirit Banshee (Irish) – Death spirit Baobhan Sith (Celtic Mythology) – Beautiful vampiric seductresses who prey on young travelers by night Barbegazi (Swiss) – Dwarf with giant, snowshoe-like feet Bardi (Trabzon) – Shapechanging death spirit Barghest – Yorkshire black dog Bar Juchne (Jewish) – Gigantic bird Barnacle Geese (Medieval folklore) – Geese which hatch from barnacles Barong (Balinese) – Tutelary spirit

Basajaun (Basque) – Ancestral, megalith-building race BasCelik (Serbian) – A powerful and very evil winged man whose soul is not held by his body and can be subdued only by causing him to suffer dehydration Basilisco Chilote (Chilota) – Chicken-serpent hybrid Basilisk (Medieval Bestiaries) – Multi-limbed, venomous lizard Batibat (Philippine) – Female night-demon Batsu (Chinese) – Drought spirit Baubas (Lithuanian) – Malevolent spirit Baykok (Ojibwa) – Flying skeleton Bean Nighe (Irish) – Death spirit (a specific type of Banshee/Bean Sidhe) Bendigeidfran (Welsh) – Giant king

Bennu (Egyptian) – Heron-like, regenerative bird, equivalent to (or inspiration of) the Phoenix Berehynia (Slavic) – Water spirit Bergrisar (Norse) – Mountain giant Bergsra (Norse) – Mountain spirit Bestial beast (Brazilian) – Centauroid specter Betobeto-san (Japanese) – Invisible spirit which follows people at night, making the sound of footsteps Bhuta (Buddhist and Hindu) – Ghost of someone killed by execution or suicide Bi-blouk (Khoikhoi) – Female, anthropophagous, partially invisible monster Bies (Slavic) – Demon Bigfoot (American folklore) – Forest-dwelling apeman.

Binbogami (Japanese) – Spirit of poverty Bishop-fish (Medieval Bestiaries) – Fish-like humanoid Biwa-bokuboku (Japanese)- Animated biwa Black Annis (English) – Blue-faced hag Black Dog (British) – Canine death spirit Black Shuck – Norfolk, Essex, and Suffolk black dog Blemmyae (Medieval Bestiary) – Headless humanoid with face in torso Bloody Bones (Irish) – Water bogeyman Blue Crow (Brazilian) – a giant amazonian bird. Bluecap (English) – Mine-dwelling fairy Bodach (Scottish) – Malevolent spirit Bogeyman (English) – Malevolent spirit Boggart (English) – Malevolent household spirit

Boginki (Polish) – Nature spirit Bogle (Scottish) – Malevolent spirit Boi-tata (Brazilian) – Giant snake Bolla (Albanian) – Dragon Bonnacon (Medieval Bestiaries) – Bull-horse hybrid with flaming dung Boo Hag (American Folklore) – Vampire-like creature that steals energy from sleeping victims Boobrie (Scottish) – Roaring water bird Bozaloshtsh (Slavic) – Death spirit Brag (English) – Malevolent water horse Brownie (English and Scottish) – Benevolent household spirit Broxa (Jewish) – Nocturnal bird that drains goats of their milk Bokkenrijders (Dutch) – bandits Bugbear (English) – Bearlike goblin

Buggane (Manx) – Ogre-like humanoid Bugul Noz (Celtic) – Extremely ugly, but kind, forest spirit Bukavac (Serbia) – Six-legged lake monster Bukit Timah Monkey Man (Singapore) – Forest dwelling immortal primate Bunyip (Australian Aboriginal) – Horse-walrus hybrid lake monster Buraq (Islamic) – Human-headed, angelic horse Bush Dai Dai (Guyanese) – Spirit that seduces and kills men Byangoma (Bengali) – Fortune-telling birds Bysen (Scandinavian) – Diminutive forest spirit Starting with C Cabeiri (Greek) – Smith and wine spirits Cacus (Roman) – Fire-breathing giant

Cadejo (Central America) – Cow-sized dog-goat hybrid in two varieties: benevolent and white, and malevolent and black Caipora (Tupi) – Fox-human hybrid and nature spirit Caladrius (Medieval Bestiary) – White bird that can foretell if a sick person will recover or die Calingi (Medieval Bestiary) – Humanoids with an eight-year lifespan Callitrix (Medieval Bestiary) – Apes who always bear twins, one the mother loves, the other it hates Calydonian Boar (Greek) – Giant, chthonic boar Calygreyhound (Heraldic) – Wildcat-deer/antelope-eagle-ox-lion hybrid Camahueto (Chilota) – One-horned calf

Cambion (Medieval folklore) – Hybrid between a human and an incubus or succubus Campe (Greek) – Dragon-human-scorpion hybrid Camulatz (Mayan) – A bird that ate the heads of the first men Candileja (Colombian) – Spectral, fiery hag Canaima (Guyanese) – Were-jaguar Canotila (Lakota) – Little people and tree spirits Caoineag (Scottish) – Death spirit (a specific type of Banshee/Bean Sidhe) Capa (Lakota) – Beaver spirit Capcaun (Romanian) – Large, monstrous humanoid Carbuncle (Latin America) – A small creature with a jewel on its head Catoblepas (Medieval Bestiary) – Scaled buffalo-hog hybrid Cat Sidhe (Scottish) – Fairy cat

Cecaelia – Modern term for mermaid-like, human-octopus hybrid Ceffyl Dwr (Welsh) – Malevolent water horse Centaur (Greek) – Human-horse hybrid Cerastes (Greek) – Extremely flexible, horned snake Cerberus (Greek) – Three-headed dog that guards the entrance to the underworld Cercopes (Greek) – Mischievous forest spirit Cericopithicus (Medieval Bestiary) – Apes who always bear twins, one the mother loves, the other it hates Ceryneian Hind (Greek) – Hind with golden antlers and bronze or brass hooves Cetan (Lakota) – Hawk spirit Chakora (Hindu) – Lunar bird Chamrosh (Persian) – Dog-bird hybrid Chaneque (Aztec) – Little people and nature spirits

Changeling (European) – Non-human humanoid child (fairy, elf, troll, etc. ) substituted for a kidnapped human child Charybdis (Greek) – Sea monster in the form of a giant mouth Chepi (Narragansett) – Ancestral spirit that instructs tribe members Cherufe (Mapuche) – Volcano-dwelling monster Chibaiskweda (Abenaki) – Ghost of an improperly buried person Chichevache (Medieval folklore) – Human-faced cow that feeds on good women Chickcharney (Bahamian) – Bird-mammal hybrid Chimbwe (hyena) in Tumbuka (an ethnic group living in Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania) mythology Chimaera (Greek) – Lion-goat-snake hybrid

Chindi (Navajo) – Vengeful ghosts that cause dust devils Chinthe (Burmese) – Temple-guarding feline, similar to Chinese Shi and Japanese Shisa Chitauli (Zulu) – Human-lizard hybrid Chochinobake (Japanese) – Animated paper lantern Chollima (Korean) – Supernaturally fast horse Chonchon (Mapuche) – Disembodied, flying head Choorile (Guyanese) – Ghost of a woman that died in childbirth Chromandi (Medieval Bestiary) – Hairy savages with dog teeth Chrysaor (Greek) – Son of the gorgon Medusa, imaged as a giant or a winged boar Chrysomallus (Greek mythology) – Golden haired winged ram

Chukwa (Hindu) – Giant turtle that supports the world Churel (Hindu) – Vampiric, female ghost Ciguapa (Dominican Republic) – Malevolent seductress Cihuateteo (Aztec) – Ghosts of women that died in childbirth Cikavac (Serbian) – Bird that serves its owner Cinnamon bird (Medieval Bestiaries) – Giant bird that makes its nest out of cinnamon Cipactli (Aztec) – Sea monster, crocodile-fish hybrid Cirein croin (Scottish) – Sea serpent Cluricaun (Irish) – Leprechaun-like Little people that are permanently drunk Coblynau (Welsh) – Little people and mine spirits

Cockatrice (Medieval Bestiaries) – Chicken-lizard hybrid Cofgod (English) – Old English term meaning “cove-god” Colo Colo (Mapuche) – Rat-bird hybrid that can shapeshift into a serpent Corycian nymphs (Greek) – Nymph of the Corycian Cave Cretan Bull (Greek) – Monstrous bull Crinaeae (Greek) – Fountain nymph Criosphinx (Ancient Egypt) – Ram-headed sphinx Crocotta (Medieval Bestiaries) – Monstrous dog-wolf The Cu Bird (Mexican) – El Pajaro Cu is a bird. Cuco (Latin America) – Bogeyman Cucuy (Latin America) – Malevolent spirit Cuegle (Cantabrian) – Monstrous, three-armed humanoid

Cuelebre (Asturian and Cantabrian) – Dragon Curupira (Tupi) – Nature spirit Cu Sith (Scottish) – Gigantic fairy dog Cwn Annwn (Welsh) – Underworld hunting dogs Cyclops (Greek) – One-eyed giants Cyhyraeth (Welsh) – Death spirit Cynocephalus (Medieval Bestiaries) – Dog-headed humanoid Starting with F Fachen (Irish and Scottish) – Monster with half a body Fairy (Many cultures worldwide) – Nature spirits Familiar (English) – Animal servant Far darrig (Irish) – Little people that constantly play pranks Faun (Roman) – Human-goat hybrid nature spirit

Fear gorta (Irish) – Hunger ghost Feathered Serpent – Mesoamerican dragon Fenghuang (Chinese) – Rooster-swallow-fowl-snake-goose-tortoise-stag-fish hybrid Fenodyree (Manx) – House spirit Fenris (Norse) – Gigantic, ravenous wolf Fetch (Irish) – Double or doppelganger Fext (Slavic) – Undead Finfolk (Orkney) – Fish-human hybrid that kidnaps humans for servants Fir Bolg (Irish) – Ancestral race Fire Bird (Many cultures worldwide) – Regenerative, solar bird Firedrake (Germanic) – Dragon Fish-man (Cantabrian) – Amphibious, scaled humanoid Fomorian (Irish) – Goat-headed giant

Forest Bull (Medieval Bestiaries) – Giant, red cattle with swiveling horns Freybug – Norfolk black dog Fuath (Celtic) – Malevolent water spirit Fucanglong (Chinese) – Underworld dragon Funayurei (Japanese) – Ghosts of people who drowned at sea Furu-utsubo (Japanese) – Animated jar Futakuchi-onna (Japanese) – Woman with a second mouth on the back of her head Fylgja (Scandinavian) – Animal familiar Starting with G Gaasyendietha (Seneca) – Dragon Gagana (Russian) – Bird with iron beak and copper talons Gaki (Japanese) – Ghosts of especially greedy people Gallu (Mesopotamian) – Underworld demons

Galtzagorriak (Basque) – Diminutive, demonic servants Gamayun (Russian) – Prophetic bird with human head Gana (Hindu) – Attendants of Shiva Gancanagh (Irish) – Male fairy that seduces human women Gandaberunda (Hindu) – Double-headed bird Gandharva (Hindu) – Male nature spirits, often depicted as part human, part animal Gargouille (French) – Water dragon Garmr (Norse) – Giant, ravenous hound Garuda (Hindu) – Human-eagle hybrid Gashadokuro (Japanese) – Giant, malevolent skeletons Gaueko (Basque) – Wolf capable of walking upright Ged (Heraldic) – The fish pike Gegenees (Greek) – Six-armed giant

Genie (Arabian) – Elemental spirit Genius loci (Roman) – Spirit that protects a specific place German (Slavic) – Male spirit associated with bringing rain and hail Geryon (Greek) – Giant with three heads, six arms, three torsos and (in some sources) six legs Ghillie Dhu (Scottish) – Tree guardian Ghost – Disembodied spirits, specifically of those that have died Ghoul (Arabian) – Earth genie. Also a shapeshifting desert anthropophagus Giant (mythology) Giant animal (mythology) Gichi-anami’e-bizhiw (Ojibwa) – Bison-snake-bird-cougar hybrid and water spirit Gidim (Sumerian) – Ghost

Gigantes (Greek) – Race of giants that fought the Olympian gods, sometimes depicted with snake-legs Gigelorum (Scottish) – Smallest animal Girtablilu (Akkadian) – Human-scorpion hybrid Gjenganger (Scandinavian) – Corporeal ghost Glaistig (Scottish) – Human-goat hybrid Glashtyn (Manx) – Malevolent water horse Gnome (Alchemy) – Diminutive Earth elemental Goblin (Medieval) – Grotesque, mischievous little people Gog (English) – Giant protector of London Gold-digging ant (Medieval Bestiaries) – Dog-sized ant that digs for gold in sandy areas Golem (Jewish) – Animated construct

Gorgades (Medieval Bestiary) – Hairy humanoid Gorgon (Greek) – Fanged, snake-haired humanoids that turn anyone who sees them into stone Goryo (Japanese) – Vengeful ghosts, usually of martyrs Gremlin (Folklore) – Goblins that sabotage airplanes Griffin (Heraldic) – Lion-eagle hybrid Grigori (Christian) – Fallen angels Grim (English and Scandinavian) – Tutelary spirits of churches Grindylow (English) – Malevolent water spirit Grine (Moroccan) – Genie duplicate of a person. Lives in a parallel world Gualichu (Mapuche) – Malevolent spirit Gud-elim (Akkadian) – Human-bull hybrid

Guhin (Japanese) – Anthropomorphic bird Gui Po (Chinese) – Ghost that manifests as an old woman Gui Shu (Chinese) – Ghostly tree that confuses travelers by moving Gulon (Germanic) – Gluttonous dog-cat-fox hybrid Gumiho (Korean mythology)- A demon fox with thousands of tails. Believed to possess an army of spirits and magic in its tails. Gwyllgi (Welsh) – black dog Gwyllion (Welsh) – Malevolent spirit Gyascutus (American folklore) – Four-legged herbivore Gytrash (Lincolnshire and Yorkshire) – black dog Gyuki (Japanese) – Bull-headed monster Starting with H

Habrok (Norse) – the “best” hawk Hadhayosh (Persian) – Gigantic land animal Haetae (Korean) – Dog-lion hybrid Hag (Many cultures worldwide) – Wizened old woman, usually a malevolent spirit with this specific form, or a goddess in disguise Haietlik (Nuu-chah-nulth) – Water serpent Hai-uri (Khoikhoi) – Male, anthropophagous, partially invisible monster Hakutaku (Japanese) – Talking beast which handed down knowledge on harmful spirits Hakuturi (Maori) – Nature guardian Half-elf (Norse) – Hybrid of a human and an elf Haltija (Finnish) – Spirit that protects a specific place

Hamadryad (Greek) – Oak tree nymph Hamingja (Scandinavian) – Personal protection spirit Hamsa (Buddhist, Hindu, and Jainism) – Mystical bird Hanau epe (Rapa Nui) – Long-eared humanoid Hantu Air (Malay) – Shapeshifting water spirit Hantu Demon (Philippine) – Demon Hantu Raya (Malay) – Demonic servant Harionago (Japanese) – Humanoid female with barbed, prehensile hair Harpy (Greek) – Death spirit with the form of a bird with a human head Haugbui (Norse) – Undead who cannot leave its burial mound Havsra (Norse) – Saltwater spirit

Headless Mule (Brazilian) – Fire-spewing, headless, spectral mule Hecatonchires (Greek) – Primordial giants with 100 hands and fifty heads Heikegani (Japanese) – Crabs with human-faced shells, the spirits of the warriors killed in the Battle of Dan-no-ura Heinzelmannchen (German) – Household spirit Helead (Greek) – Fen nymph Hellhound (Many cultures worldwide) – Dog from underworld Hercinia (Medieval Bestiaries) – Glowing bird Herensuge (Basque) – Dragon Hesperides (Greek) – Nymph daughters of Atlas Hiderigami (Japanese) – Drought spirit Hieracosphinx (Ancient Egypt) – Falcon-headed sphinx

Hihi (Japanese) – Baboon monster Hiisi (Finnish) – Nature guardian Hippocamp (Etruscan, Greek, and Phoenician) – Horse-fish hybrid Hippogriff (Medieval Bestiaries) – Hybrid of a griffin and horse, that is a lion-eagle-horse hybrid Hippopodes (Medieval Bestiary) – Horse-hoofed humanoid Hircocervus (Medieval Bestiary) – Deer-goat hybrid Hitodama (Japanese) – Ghosts of the newly dead, which take the form of fireballs Hitotsume-kozo (Japanese) – One-eyed child-like spirit Hob (English) – House spirit Hobbididance (English) – Malevolent spirit Hobgoblin (Medieval) – Friendly or amusing goblin

Hodag (Native American) – part frog, part mammoth, part lizard, from Native American mythology Hokhokw (Kwakiutl) – a bird Hoko (Japanese) – Dog-like tree spirit from China Homa (Persian) – Eagle-lion hybrid, similar to a griffin Hombre Caiman (Colombian) – Human-alligator hybrid Hombre Gato (Latin America) – Human-cat hybrid Homunculus (Alchemy) – Diminutive, animated construct Ho-o (Japanese) – Rooster-swallow-fowl-snake-goose-tortoise-stag-fish hybrid Hoopoe – A near passerine bird common to Africa and Eurasia that features in many mythologies in those continents Horned Serpent (Native American) – Serpentine rain spirit

Hotoke (Japanese) – Deceased person Houri (Islamic) – Heavenly beings Hraesvelg (Norse) – a giant, who in eagle form, creates the wind by beating his wings Hrim? ursar (Norse) – Frost Giant Huaychivo (Mayan) – Human-deer hybrid Hugin and Munin (Norse) – Thought and Memory; a pair of ravens associated with the Norse god Odin Huldra (Scandinavian) – Forest spirit Huli jing (Chinese) – Nine-tailed fox spirit Huma (Persian) – Regenerative fire bird Humbaba (Akkadian) – Lion-faced giant Hundun (Chinese) – Chaos spirit Hupia (Taino) – Nocturnal ghost Hyakume (Japanese) – Creature with a hundred eyes

Hydra (Greek) – Multi-headed water serpent/dragon Hydros (Medieval Bestiary) – Snake whose poison causes the victim to swell up Hydrus (Medieval Bestiary) – Snake from the Nile River that would kill crocodiles from the inside Hyosube (Japanese) – Hair-covered kappa Hypnalis (Medieval Bestiary) – Snake that kills its victims in their sleep Starting with I Iannic-ann-od (Breton) – Ghost of a drowned person Iara (Brazilian) – Female water spirit Ibong Adarna (Philippine) – Bird that changes color each time it finishes a song Ichchhadhari Nag (Hindu) – shape-shifting venomous snakes

Ichimoku-nyudo (Japanese) – One-eyed kappa from Sado Island Ichiren-Bozu (Japanese) – Animated prayer beads Ichneumon (Medieval Bestiaries) – Dragon-killing animal Ichthyocentaur (Greek) – Human-fish hybrid Iele (Romanian) – Female nature spirits Ifrit (Arabian) – Fire genie Ijiraq (Inuit) – Spirit that kidnaps children Ikiryo (Japanese) – can be considered a ‘living ghost’, as it is a person’s spirit outside their body Ikuchi (Japanese) – Sea-serpent that travels over boats in an arc while dripping oil Iku-Turso (Finnish) – Sea monster Il-Belliegha (Maltese) – Malevolent well spirit Imp (Medieval) – Diminutive, demonic servant

Impundulu (Southern Africa) – Avian, vampiric lightning spirit Imugi (Korean) – Flightless, dragon-like creatures (sometimes thought of as proto-dragons) Inapertwa (Aboriginal) – Simple organisms, used by creator-gods to make everything else Incubus (Medieval folklore) – Male night-demon and rapist Indrik (Russian) – One-horned horse-bull hybrid Indus Worm (Medieval Bestiaries) – Giant, white, carnivorous worm Inkanyamba (Zulu) – Horse-headed serpent Inugami (Japanese) – Dog spirit Ipotane (Greek) – Horse-human hybrid, two-legged (as opposed to the four-legged centaur) Ippon-datara (Japanese) – One-legged mountain spirit

Iratxoak (Basque) – Diminutive, demonic servants Irin (Jewish) – Fallen angels Ishigaq (Inuit) – Little people Island Satyr (Medieval Bestiaries) – Savage human-goat hybrid from a remote island chain Isonade (Japanese) – Shark-like sea monster Ittan-momen (Japanese) – Ghostly aerial phenomenon that attacks people Iwana-bozu (Japanese) – Char which appeared as a Buddhist monk Starting with K Kabouter (Dutch) – Little people that live underground, in mushrooms, or as house spirits Kachina (Hopi and Puebloan) – Nature spirit Kahaku (Japanese) – Little people and water spirits

Kajsa (Scandinavian) – Wind spirit Kalakeyas (Hindu) – Descendents of Kala Kallikantzaroi (Greek) – Grotesque, malevolent spirit Kamaitachi (Japanese) – Wind spirit Kami (Japanese) – Nature spirit Kamikiri (Japanese) – Hair-cutting spirit Kanbari-nyudo (Japanese) – Bathroom spirit Kanbo (Japanese) – Drought spirit Kanedama (Japanese) – Money spirit Kanglasha (Manipuri) – Dog/Wolf like creature with horns Kappa (Japanese) – Little people and water spirits Kapre (Philippine) – Malevolent tree spirit Karakoncolos (Bulgarian and Turkish) – Troublesome spirit Karakura (Turkish) – Male night-demon

Karasu-tengu (Japanese) – Tengu with a bird’s bill Karkadann (Persian) – One-horned giant animal Karkinos (Greek) – Giant crab Karura (Japanese) – Eagle-human hybrid Karzelek (Polish) – Little people and mine spirits Kasa-obake (Japanese) – Animated parasol Kasha (Japanese) – Cat-like demon which descends from the sky and carries away corpses Kashanbo (Japanese) – Kappa who climb into the mountains for the winter Katawa-guruma (Japanese) – Woman riding on a flaming wheel Katsura-otoko (Japanese) – Handsome man from the moon Kaukas (Lithuanian) – Nature spirit

Kawa-uso (Japanese) – Supernatural river otter Kawa-zaru (Japanese) – Smelly, cowardly water spirit Keelut (Inuit) – Hairless dog Kee-wakw (Abenaki) – Anthropophagous giant Kekkai (Japanese) – Amorphous afterbirth spirit Kelpie (Irish and Scottish) – Malevolent water horse Ker (Greek) – Female death spirit Kesaran-pasaran (Japanese) – Mysterious, white, fluffy creature Keukegen (Japanese) – Disease spirit Keythong (Heraldic) – Wingless griffin Khalkotauroi (Greek) – Bronze-hoofed bulls Kigatilik (Inuit) – Night-demon Kijimunaa (Japanese) – Tree sprite from Okinawa Kijo (Japanese) – She-devil

Kikimora (Slavic) – Female house spirit Killmoulis (English and Scottish) – Ugly, mischievous mill spirit Kinnara (Hindu) – Human-bird hybrid Kin-u (Japanese) – a bird Kirin (Japanese) – Japanese Unicorn Kishi (Angola) – Malevolent, two-faced seducer Kitsune (Japanese) – Fox spirit Kitsune-Tsuki (Japanese) – Person possessed by a fox spirit Kiyohime (Japanese) – Woman who transformed into a serpent-demon out of the rage of unrequited love Klabautermann (German) – Ship spirit Knocker (folklore) (Cornish and Welsh) – Little people and mine spirits Knucker (English) – Water dragon

Kobalos (Greek) – Shape-shifting thieves and tricksters Kobold (German) – Little people and mine or house spirits Kodama (Japanese) – Tree spirit Kofewalt (Germanic) – House spirit Ko-gok (Abenaki) – Hideous monster Kokakucho (Japanese) – Ubume bird Komainu (Japanese) – Protective animal Konaki-Jijii (Japanese) – Infant that cries until it is picked up, then increases its weight and crushes its victim Kongamoto (Congo) – Flying creature Konoha-tengu (Japanese) – Anthropomorphic bird Koro-pok-guru (Ainu) – Little people Korrigan (Breton) – Little people and nature spirits

Kraken (Scandinavian) – Sea monster Krasnoludek (Slavic) – Little people nature spirits Krasue (Southeast Asian) – Vampiric, floating head Kuarahy Jara (Guarani) – Forest spirit Kubikajiri (Japanese) – Female corpse-chewing graveyard spirit Kuchisake-onna (Japanese) – Vengeful ghost of a woman mutilated by her husband Kuda-gitsune (Japanese) – Miniature fox spirit Kudan (Japanese) – Human-faced calf which predicts a calamity and then dies Kui (Chinese) – One-legged monster Kulshedra (Albanian) – Drought-causing dragon Kumakatok (Philippine) – Death spirits

Kumiho (Korean) – Fox spirit Kun (Chinese) – Giant fish Kupua (Hawaiian) – Shapeshifting tricksters Kurabokko (Japanese) – Guardian spirit of a warehouse Kurage-no-hinotama (Japanese) – Jellyfish which floats through the air as a fireball Kurma (Hindu mythology) – the second avatar of Vishnu in the form of a Turtle Kurupi (Guarani) – Wild man and fertility spirit Kushtaka (Tlingit) – Shapeshifting otter spirit Kwakwakalanooksiwae (Kwakiutl) – a bird Kye-ryong (Korean) – Chicken-lizard hybrid Kyourinrin (Japanese) – Animated scroll or paper

Kyubi-no-kitsune (Japanese) – Nine-tailed fox Kyuketsuki (Japanese) – Vampire Starting with L La-bar-tu (Assyrian) – Disease demon Labbu (Akkadian) – Sea snake Lady midday (Slavic) – Sunstroke spirit Ladon (Greek) – Dragon guarding the golden apples of the Hesperides Laelaps (Greek) – Enchanted dog that always caught his prey Laestrygonians (Greek) – Anthropophagic giants Lakanica (Slavic) – Field spirit Lake monster (Worldwide) – Gigantic animals reputed to inhabit various lakes around the world La Llorona (Latin America) – Death spirit associated with rowning Lamassu (Akkadian and Sumerian) – Protective spirit with the form of a winged bull or lion with a human head Lambton Worm (English) – Giant worm Lamia (Greek) – Child-devouring monster Lamiak (Basque) – Water spirit with bird feet La Mojana (Colombian) – Shapeshifting, female water spirit Lampades (Greek) – Underworld nymph Landv? ttir (Norse) – Nature spirits Lares (Roman) – House spirit La Sayona (Venezuela) – Female ghost that punishes unfaithful husbands La Tunda (Colombian) – Nature spirit that seduces and kills men Lauku dvasios (Lithuanian) – Field spirit

Lauma (Baltic) – Sky spirit Lavellan (Scottish) – Gigantic water rat Leanan sidhe (Celtic) – Fairy lover Leanashe (Irish) – Possessing spirit or vampire Leimakids (Greek) – Meadow nymph Leokampoi (Etruscan) – Fish-tailed lion Leontophone (Medieval Bestiary) – Tiny animal poisonous to lions Leprechaun (Irish) – Cobbler spirit Leszi (Slavic) – Tree spirit Leuce (Greek) – White poplar tree nymph Leucrota (Medieval Bestiary) – Hybrid of a lion and crocotta Leviathan (Jewish) – Sea monster, as seen in Job 41

Leyak (Balinese) – Anthropophagous flying head with entrails Libyan Aegipanes (Medieval Bestiaries) – Human-horse hybrid Libyan Satyr (Medieval Bestiaries) – Human-goat hybrid Liderc (Hungary) – Magical chicken that transforms into a humanoid Lightning Bird (Southern Africa) – Magical bird that can be found at sites of lightning strikes Likho (Slavic) – One-eyed hag or goblin Lilin (Jewish) – Night-demoness Lilitu (Assyrian) – Winged demon Limnades (Greek) – Lake nymph Lindworm (Germanic) – Dragon Ljosalfar (Norse) – Sunlight spirit Llamhigyn Y Dwr (Welsh) – Frog-bat-lizard hybrid

Lo-lol (Abenaki) – Hideous monster Long – Chinese dragon Longana (Italian) – Female human-goat hybrid and water spirit Long Ma (Chinese) – Dragon-horse hybrid Loogaroo (French America) – Shapeshifting, female vampire Lou Carcolh (French) – Snake-mollusk hybrid Lubber fiend (English) – House spirit Luduan (Chinese) – Truth-detecting animal Luison (Guarani) – Death spirit Lutin (French) – Amusing goblin Lynx (Medieval Bestiaries) – Feline guide spirit Starting with M Mami Wata- “serpent priestess” Starting with N Nachzehrer (German) – Anthropophagous undead

Naga (Buddhist and Hindu) – Nature and water spirits, serpentine or human-serpent hybrids Naga fireballs (Thai) – Spectral fire Nagual (Mesoamerica) – Human-animal shapeshifter Naiad (Greek) – Freshwater nymph Nakki (Finnish) – Water spirit Namahage (Japanese) – Ritual disciplinary demon from the Oga Peninsula Namazu (Japanese) – Giant catfish whose thrashing causing earthquakes Nando-baba (Japanese) – Old woman who hides under the floor in abandoned storerooms Nanom-keea-po-da (Abenaki) – Earthquake spirit Napaeae (Greek) – Grotto nymph

Narasimha (Hindu mythology) – Avatar of Vishnu in the form of half-man/half-lion Narecnitsi (Slavic) – Fate spirit Naree Pons (Thai) – Pod people Nargun (Gunai) – Water monster Nasnas (Arabian) – Half-human, half-demon creature with half a body Nav’ (Slavic) – Ghost Nawao (Hawaiian) – Savage humanoid N-dam-keno-wet (Abenaki) – Fish-human hybrid Necromancer (Global) – An evildoer that summons dead people Negret (Catalan) – Little people that turn into coins Nekomata (Japanese) – Split-tailed magical cat Nekomusume (Japanese) – Cat in the form of a girl Nemean Lion (Greek) – Lion with impenetrable skin

Nephilim (Jewish) – Giant Nereid (Greek) – Nymph daughters of Nereus Ngen (Mapuche) – Nature spirit Nguruvilu (Mapuche) – Fox-like water snake Nian (Chinese) – Predatory animal Nightmarchers (Hawaiian) – Warrior ghosts Nikusui (Japanese) – Monster which appears as a young woman and sucks all of the flesh off of its victim’s body Nimerigar (Shoshone) – Aggressive little people Ningyo (Japanese) – Monkey-fish hybrid Ninki Nanka (Western Africa) – Large reptile, possibly a dragon Nisse (Scandinavian) – House spirit Ni? hoggr (Norse) – Dragon Nivatakavachas (Hindu) – Ocean demon

Nix (Germanic) – Female water spirit Nobusuma (Japanese) – Supernatural wall. Also a monstrous flying squirrel Nocnitsa (Slavic) – Nightmare spirit Noppera-bo (Japanese) – Faceless ghost Nozuchi (Japanese) – Small sea serpent Nuckelavee (Scottish) – Malevolent human-horse-fish hybrid Nue (Japanese) – Monkey-raccoon dog-tiger-snake hybrid Nu Gui (Chinese) – Vengeful female ghost Nukekubi (Japanese) – Disembodied, flying head that attacks people Nuku-mai-tore (Maori) – Forest spirit Nuli (Medieval Bestiary) – Humanoid with backwards, eight-toed feet Numen (Roman) – Tutelary spirit

Nuno (Philippine) – Malevolent little people Nuppeppo (Japanese) – Animated chuck of dead flesh Nurarihyon (Japanese) – Head-sized ball-like creature that floats in the sea and teases sailors Nure-onna (Japanese) – Female monster who appears on the beach Nurikabe (Japanese) – Spirit that manifests as an impassable, invisible wall Nyami Nyami (Tonga (Zimbabwean) mythology) – The snake-spirit of the Zambezi River Nykstukas (Lithuanian) – Cavern spirit Nymph (Greek) – Nature spirit Starting with O Obake (Japanese) – Shapeshifting spirits Obambo (Central African) – Homeless ghost

Obariyon (Japanese) – Spook which rides piggyback on a human victim and becomes unbearably heavy Obayifo (Ashanti) – Vampiric possession spirit Obia (West Africa) – Gigantic animal that serves witches Oceanid (Greek) – Nymph daughters of Oceanus Odei (Basque) – Storm spirit Odmience (Slavic) – Changeling Og (Jewish) – Giant king of the Amorites Ogre (Medieval folklore) – Large, grotesque humanoid Oiwa (Japanese) – Ghost of a woman with a distorted face who was murdered by her husband Ojancanu (Cantabrian) – Giant cyclops who embodies evil.

Okiku (Japanese) – Plate-counting ghost of a servant girl Okubi (Japanese) – Death spirit Okuri-inu (Japanese) – Dog or wolf that follows travelers at night. Similar to the Black dog of English folklore Ole-Higue (Guyanese) – Vampiric hag who takes the form of a fireball at night Omukade (Japanese) – Giant, human-eating centipede that lives in the mountains Oni (Japanese) – Large, grotesque humanoid Onibi (Japanese) – Spectral fire Onmoraki (Japanese) – Bird-demon created from the spirits of freshly dead corpses Onocentaur (Medieval Bestiaries) – Human-donkey hybrid

Onoskelis (Greek) – Shapeshifting demon Onryo (Japanese) – Vengeful ghost that manifests in physical (rather than spectral) form Onza (Aztec and Latin American folklore) – Wild cat, possibly a subspecies of cougar Oozlum bird (Unknown origin) – Bird that flies backwards Ophiotaurus (Greek) – Bull-serpent hybrid Opinicus (Heraldic) – Lion-eagle hybrid, similar to a griffin, but with leonine forelimbs Orang Bunian (Malay) – Forest spirit Orang Minyak (Malay) – Spectral rapist Ordog (Hungarian) – Shapeshifting demon Oread (Greek) – Mountain nymph Ork (Tyrolean) – Little people and house spirits

Orobas (European) – Horse-headed, honest oracle classed as a demon Orphan Bird (Medieval Bestiaries) – Peacock-eagle-swan-crane hybrid Orthrus (Greek) – Two-headed dog Otso (Finnish) – Bear spirit Ouroboros (Worldwide) – Mystic serpent/dragon that eats its own tail Ovinnik (Slavic) – Malevolent threshing house spirit Starting with P Paasselka devils (Finnish) – Spectral fire Pamola (Abenaki) – Weather spirit Panes (Greek) – Human-goat hybrids descended from the god Pan Pandi (Medieval Bestiary) – Humanoid with giant ears, eight fingers and toes, and white hair Panis (Hindu) – Demons with herds of stolen cows

Panlong (Chinese) – Water dragon Panotti (Medieval Bestiaries) – Humanoid with gigantic ears Panther (Medieval Bestiaries) – Feline with sweet breath Parandrus (Medieval Bestiaries) – Shapeshifting animal whose natural form was a large ruminant Pard (Medieval Bestiaries) – Fast, spotted feline believed to mate with lions to produce leopards Pardalokampoi (Etruscan) – Fish-tailed panther Patagon (Medieval folklore) – Giant race reputed to live in the area of Patagonia Patasola (Latin America) – Anthropophagous, one-legged humanoid Patupairehe (Maori) – White-skinned nature spirits Pech (Scottish) – Strong little people

Pegaeae (Greek) – Spring nymph Pegasus (Greek) – Winged horse Pelesit (Malay) – Servant spirit Peluda (French) – Dragon Penanggalan (Philippine) – Vampires that sever their heads from their bodies to fly around, usually with their intestines or other internal organs trailing behind Peng (Chinese) – Giant bird Penghou (Chinese) – Tree spirit Peri (Persian) – Winged humanoid Peryton (Allegedly Medieval folklore) – Deer-bird hybrid Pesanta (Catalan) – Nightmare demon in the form of a cat or dog Peuchen (Chilota and Mapuche) – Vampiric, flying, shapeshifting serpent Phoenix (Phoenician) – Regenerative bird

Piasa (Native American mythology) – Winged, antlered feline-like dragon Piatek (Armenian) – Large land animal Pictish Beast (Pictish stones) – Stylistic animal, possibly a dragon Pillan (Mapuche) – Nature spirit Pim-skwa-wagen-owad (Abenaki) – Water spirit Piru (Finnish) – Minor demon Pishacha (Hindu) – Carrion-eating demon Pita-skog (Abenaki) – Serpentine rain spirit Pixie (Cornish) – Little people and nature spirits Pixiu (Chinese) – Winged lion Pi yao (Chinese) – Horned, dragon-lion hybrid Plakavac (Slavic) – Vampire created when a mother strangles her child Pok-wejee-men (Abenaki) – Tree spirit

Polevik (Polish) – Little people and field spirits Pollo Maligno (Colombian) – Man-eating chicken spirit Polong (Malay) – Invisible servant spirit Poltergeist (German) – Ghost that moves objects Pombero (Guarani) – Wild man and nature spirit Ponaturi (Maori) – Grotesque, malevolent humanoid Pontianak (Malay) – Undead, vampiric women who died in childbirth Poukai (Maori) – Giant bird Preta (Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain) – Ghosts of especially greedy people Pricolici (Romanian – Roman) – Undead wolf Psoglav (Serbia) – Dog-headed monster Psotnik (Slavic) – Mischievous spirit

Psychai (Greek) – Butterfly-winged nymphs, daughters of Psyche Pterippus (Greek) – Winged horse Puca (Welsh) – Shapeshifting animal spirit Puki (Icelandic) – malevolent little person Puck (English) – House spirit Putz (German) – house spirit Pugot (Philippine) – Headless humanoid Puk (Frisian) – house spirit Pukis (Latvian) – Malevolent house spirit Puckwudgie (Native American mythology) – Troll-like being with gray skin. Pygmy (Greek) – Little people Pyrausta (Greek) – Insect-dragon hybrid Python (Greek) – Serpentine dragon Starting with Q Qareen (Islamic) – Personal demon

Qilin (Chinese) – Dragon-ox-deer hybrid Qiqirn (Inuit) – Large, bald dog spirit Qliphoth (Jewish) – Evil spirits Questing Beast (Arthurian legend) – Serpent-leopard-lion-hart hybrid Quetzalcoatl (Aztec) – half bird half lizard from Aztec mythology Quinotaur (Frankish) – Five-horned bull Starting with S Saci (Brazilian) – One-legged nature-spirit Sagari (Japanese) – Horse’s head that dangles from trees on Kyushu Sakabashira (Japanese) – Haunted pillar, installed upside-down Salamander (Alchemy) – Fire elemental Samebito (Japanese) – Shark-man servant of the dragon king of the sea.

Samodiva (Slavic) – Nature spirit Sampaati (Hindu) – brother to the demi-god Jatayu Sandwalker (Arabian) – Camel-stealing, giant arthropod Sanziana (Romanian) – Nature spirit Sarimanok (Philippine) – Bird of good fortune Sarngika (Hindu) – Bird spirit Sarugami (Japanese) – Wicked monkey spirit which was defeated by a dog Satori (Japanese) – Mind-reading humanoid Satyr (Greek) – Human-goat hybrid and fertility spirit Satyrus (Medieval Bestiary) – Apes who always bear twins, one the mother loves, the other it hates Sazae-oni (Japanese) – Shapeshifting turban snail spirit

Sceadugenga (English) – Shapeshifting undead Scitalis (Medieval Bestiaries) – Snake which mesmerizes its prey Scorpion Man (Sumerian) – Human-scorpion hybrid Scylla (Greek) – Human-snake-wolf hybrid with a snake’s tail, twelve wolf legs, and six long-necked wolf heads Sea-bee (Heraldic) – Fish-tailed bee Sea monk (Medieval folklore) – Fish-like humanoid Sea monster (Worldwide) – Giant, marine animals Sea serpent (Worldwide) – Serpentine sea monster Sea-Wyvern (Heraldic) – Fish-tailed wyvern

Seko (Japanese) – Water spirit which can be heard making merry at night Selkie (Faroese, Icelandic, Irish, and Scottish) – Human-seal shapeshifter Senpoku-Kanpoku (Japanese) – Human-faced frog which guides the souls of the newly deceased to the graveyard Seps (Medieval Bestiaries) – Snake with highly corrosive venom Serpent (Worldwide) – Snake spirit Serpopard (Ancient Egypt) – Serpent-leopard hybrid Shachihoko (Japanese) – Tiger-carp hybrid Shade (Worldwide) – Spiritual imprint Shahbaz (Persian) – Giant eagle or hawk Shang-Yang (Chinese) – Rain bird Shedim (Jewish) – Chicken-legged demon

Shedu (Akkadian and Sumerian) – Protective spirit with the form of a winged bull or lion with a human head Shellycoat (English, Scottish and German, as schellenrocc) – Water spirit Shen (Chinese) – Shapeshifing sea monster Shenlong (Chinese) – Weather dragon Shibaten (Japanese) – Water spirit from Shikoku Shikigami (Japanese) – Child-sized servant spirit Shiki-oji (Japanese) – Child-sized servant spirit Shikome (Japanese) – Underworld hag Shiro-bozu (Japanese) – White, faceless spirit Shirouneri (Japanese) – Animated mosquito netting or dust cloth Shiryo (Japanese) – Spirit of a dead person

Shisa (Japanese) – Lion-dog hybrid Shishi (Chinese) – Protective animal Shojo (Japanese) – Red-haired sea-sprites who love alcohol Shokera (Japanese) – Creature that peers in through skylights Shtriga (Albanian) – An evil or dangerous witch Shui Gui (Chinese) – Drowned ghost Shunka Warakin (also shunka warak’in), an animal mentioned in American folklore that is said to resemble a wolf or hyena Shunoban (Japanese) – Red-faced ghoul Shuten-doji (Japanese) – Ruler of the Oni Sidhe – (Irish and Scottish) – Ancestral or nature spirit Sigbin (Philippine) – Goat-like vampire Sileni (????????  (Greek) – Bald, fat, thick-lipped, and flat-nosed followers of Dionysus Simargl (Slavic) – Winged dog Simurgh (Persian) – Dog-lion-peacock hybrid Singa (Batak) – Feline animal Sint Holo (Choctaw) – Serpentine rain spirit Siren (Greek) – Human-Fish Hybrid Sirin (Slavic) – Demonic human-headed bird Sirrush (Akkadian) – Dragon with aquiline hind legs and feline forelegs Sisiutl (Native American) – Two-headed sea serpent Si-Te-Cah (Paiute) – Red-haired giants Sjora (Norse) – Freshwater spirit Sjov? ttir (Norse) – Sea spirit Skin-walker (Native American and Norse) – Animal-human shapeshifter

Skogsra (Scandinavian) – Forest spirit Skookum (Chinook Jargon) – Hairy giant Skrzak (Slavic) – Flying imp Sky Women (Polish) – Weather spirit Sleipnir (Norse) – eight-legged horse Sluagh (Irish and Scottish) – Restless ghost Sodehiki-kozo (Japanese) – Invisible spirit which pulls on sleeves Sogenbi (Japanese) – Fiery ghost of an oil-stealing monk Soragami (Japanese) – Ritual disciplinary demon Soraki-gaeshi (Japanese) – Sound of trees being cut down, when later none seem to have been cut Sorobanbozu (Japanese) – Ghost with an abacus Sotangitsune (Japanese) – Fox spirit from Kyoto

Soucouyant (Trinidad and Tobago) – Vampiric hag who takes the form of a fireball at night Spearfinger (Cherokee) – Sharp-fingered hag Spectre (Worldwide) – Terrifying ghost Sphinx (Greek) – Winged lion with a woman’s head Spiridus (Romanian) – Little people Spriggan (Cornish) – Guardians of graveyards and ruins Sprite (Medieval folklore) – little people, ghosts or elves Strigoi (Romanian) – Vampire Strix (Roman) – Vampiric bird Struthopodes (Medieval Bestiaries) – Humanoid whose males have enormous feet, and females have tiny feet Strzyga (Slavic) – Vampiric undead Stuhac (Slavic) – Malevolent mountain spirit

Stymphalian Bird (Greek) – Metallic bird Suangi (New Guinea) – Anthropophagous sorcerer Succubus (Medieval folklore) – Female night-demon Sudice (Slavic) – Fortune spirit Sunakake-baba (Japanese) – Sand-throwing hag Sunekosuri (Japanese) – Small dog- or cat-like creature that rubs against a person’s legs at night Surma (Finnish) – Hellhound Suzaku (Japanese) – Japanese version of the Chinese Vermillion Bird Sva? ilfari (Norse) – unnatural strong horse, father of Sleipnir Svartalfar (Norse) – “swart-elves”, Cavern spirit The Swallower (Ancient Egyptian) – Crocodile-leopard-hippopotamus hybrid Swan aiden (Worldwide) – Swan-human shapeshifter Sylph (Alchemy) – Air elemental Sylvan (Medieval folklore) – Forest spirit Syrbotae (Medieval Bestiaries) – African giant Syrict? (Medieval Bestiaries) – Reptilian humanoid Starting with T Tachash (Jewish) – Large land animal Taimatsumaru (Japanese) – Tengu surrounded in demon fire Takam (Persian) – Nature spirit Taka-onna (Japanese) – Female spirit which can stretch itself to peer into the second story of a building Talos (Greek) – Winged giant made of bronze Tangie (Scottish) – Shapeshifting water spirit Taniwha (Maori) – Water spirit

Tantankororin (Japanese) – Unharvested persimmon which becomes a monster Tanuki (Japanese) – Shapeshifting Raccoon dog Taotao Mona (Mariana Islands) – Ancestral spirits Taotie (Chinese) – Greed spirit Tapairu (Mangaia) – Nature spirit Tarasque (French) – Dragon with leonine, turtle, bear, and human attributes Tartalo (Basque) – One-eyed giant Tartaruchi (Christian) – Demonic punisher Tatami-tataki (Japanese) – Poltergeist that hits the tatami mats at night Tatsu – Japanese dragon Taurokampoi (Etruscan) – Fish-tailed bull Tavara (Trabzon) – Night-demon Teju Jagua (Guarani) – Lizard with seven dog heads Tecumbalam (Mayan) – a bird

Tengu (Japanese) – Anthropomorphic bird Tennin (Japanese) – Angelic humanoid Te-no-me (Japanese) – Ghost of a blind man, with his eyes on his hands Tepegoz (Azerbaijani) – an Azerbaijani mythical creature similar to the cyclops Polyphemus Terrible Monster (Jewish) – Lion-eagle-scorpion hybrid made from the blood of murder victims Teumessian Fox (Greek) – Gigantic fox Theriocephalus (Medieval folklore) – Animal-headed humanoid Three-legged bird (Asia and Africa) – Solar bird Thule (Greek) – sea orca larger in Greek mythology Thunderbird (Native American) – Avian lightning spirit, bird Tiangou (Chinese) – Meteoric dog

Tianlong (Chinese) – Celestial dragon Tibicena (Canarian) – Evil Dog Tiddy Mun (English) – Bog spirit Tigmamanukan (Philippine) – an Asian fairy bluebird believed in as part of Philippine mythology Tikbalang (Philippine) – Anthropomorphic horse Tikoloshe (Zulu) – Little people and water spirit Timingila (Hindu) – Sea monster Tipua (Maori) – Spirit that protects a specific place Titan (Greek) – Giant Tiyanak (Philippine) – Malevolent spirit in the form of a human infant Tizheruk (Inuit) – Sea serpent Tlahuelpuchi (Tlaxcalan) – Shapeshifting vampire

Tofu-kozo (Japanese) – Spirit child carrying a block of tofu Toire-no-Hanakosan (Japanese) – Ghost who lurks in grade school restroom stalls Tomte (Scandinavian) – House spirit Topielec (Slavic) – Water spirit Totetsu (Japanese) – Greed spirit Toyol (Malay) – Servant spirit Trauco (Chilota) – Fertility spirit Trenti (Cantabrian) – Diminutive demon Tripurasura (Hindu) – Demonic inhabitants of Tripura Tritons (Greek) – Human-fish hybrid Troll (Norse) – Nature spirit Trow (Orkney and Shetland) – Little people and nature spirits Tsi-noo (Abenaki) – Vampiric demon Tsuchigumo (Japanese) – Shapeshifting, giant spider

Tsuchinoko (Japanese) – Plump snake-like creature Tsukumogami (Japanese) – Inanimate object that becomes animated after existing for 100 years Tsul ‘Kalu (Cherokee) – Giant nature spirit Tsurara-onna (Japanese) – Icicle woman Tsurube-otoshi (Japanese) – Monster which drops or lowers a bucket from the top of a tree to catch people Tugarin Zmeyevich (Slavic) – Evil shapeshifter Tylwyth Teg (Welsh) – Nature spirit Tupilaq (Inuit) – Animated construct Turehu (Maori) – Pale spirit Turul (Hungarian) – a giant falcon that helped shape the origins of the Magyars Typhon (Greek) – Winged, snake-legged giant

Tzitzimitl (Aztec) – Skeletal star spirit Starting with U Ubume (Japanese) – Ghosts of women who died in childbirth Uma-no-ashi (Japanese) – Horse’s leg which dangles from a tree and kicks passersby Umibozu (Japanese) – Ghost of drowned priest Umi-nyobo (Japanese) – Female sea monster who steals fish Undead (Worldwide) – Dead that behave as if alive Underwater panther (Native American) – Feline water spirit Undine (Alchemy) – Water elemental Unhcegila (Lakota) – Dragon Unicorn (Medieval Bestiaries) – One-horned goat-lion-stag-horse hybrid. Also horse with magical healing horn. Unktehi (Lakota) – Serpentine rain spirit

Unktehila (Lakota) – Reptilian water monster Upinis (Lithuanian) – River spirit Urayuli (Native American) – Hairy giant Urias (Romanian) – Giant Urmahlullu (Mesopotamian) – Lion-human hybrid guardian spirit Ushi-oni (Japanese) – Bull-headed monster Utukku (Akkadian) – Underworld messenger spirit Uwan (Japanese) – Spirit that shouts to surprise people Starting with V Starting with W Waldgeist (German) – Forest spirit Wana-games-ak (Abenaki) – Water spirits Wani (Japanese)- A crocodilian water monster Wanyudo (Japanese) – Demon in the form of a burning ox cart with a human head Warak ngendog (Indonesian Muslim) – Egg-laying bird

Warg (English and Scandinavian O. N. vargr) – Giant, demonic wolf Wassan-mon-ganeehla-ak (Abenaki) – Aurora spirits Water monkey (Chinese) – Water spirit Water sprite (Alchemy) – Water elemental Wati-kutjara (Australia Aboriginal) – Iguana spirit Wa-won-dee-a-megw (Abenaki) – Shapeshifting snail spirit Weisse Frauen (German) – Female spirit Wekufe (Mapuche) – Demon Wendigo (Algonquian) – Anthropophagous spirit Wentshukumishiteu (Inuit) – Water spirit Werecat (Worldwide) – Feline-human shapeshifter Werehyena (Africa) – Hyena-human shapeshifter Werewolf (Worldwide) – Wolf-human shapeshifter

White Lady (Worldwide) – Ghost of a murdered or mistreated woman Wild man (European) – Hairy, bipedal man-like creature Will-o’-the-Wisp (Worldwide) – Spectral fire Wirry-cow (Scottish) – Malevolent spirit Witte Wieven (Dutch) – Female, ancestral spirit Witch (Global) – A magical human female Wizard (Global) – A magical human male Wolpertinger (German) – a forest animal comprised from various animal parts (similar to a Chimera) Wondjina (Australia Aboriginal) – Weather spirit Wraith (Scottish) – Water spirit or ghostly apparition Wulver (Scottish) – Wolf-headed human Wu Tou Gui (Chinese) – Beheaded ghost Wyrm – English dragon

Wyvern (Germanic Heraldic) – Flying reptile, usually with two legs and two wings Starting with X Xana (Asturian) – Female water spirit Xecotcovach (Mayan) – a bird Xelhua (Aztec) – Giant Xing Tian (Chinese) – Headless giant Xiuhcoatl (Aztec) – Drought spirit Starting with Y Yacumama (South America) – Sea monster Yadokai (Japanese) – Malevolent, nocturnal spirit Yagyo-san (Japanese) – Demon who rides through the night on a headless horse Yaksha (Buddhist, Hindu, and Jainism) – Male nature spirit Yakshi (Keralite) – Vampire Yakshini (Buddhist, Hindu, and Jainism) – Female nature spirit Yakubyo-gami (Japanese) – Disease and misfortune spirit

Yale (Medieval Bestiaries) – Antelope- or goat-like animal with swiveling horns Yali (Hindu) – Lion-like beast Yallery-Brown (English) – Nature spirit Yama-biko (Japanese) – Echo spirit Yama-bito (Japanese) – Savage, mountain-dwelling humanoid Yama-chichi (Japanese) – Monkey-like mountain spirit Yama-inu (Japanese) – Dog-like mountain spirit Yama-otoko (Japanese) – Mountain giant Yamata no Orochi (Japanese) – Gigantic, eight-headed serpent Yama-uba (Japanese) – Malevolent, mountain-dwelling hag Yama-waro (Japanese) – Hairy, one-eyed spirit Yanari (Japanese) – Spirit which causes strange noises

Yaoguai (Japanese) – Animalistic demon Yara-ma-yha-who (Australian Aboriginal) – Diminutive, sucker-fingered vampire Yatagarasu (Japanese) – Three-legged crow of Amaterasu Yato-no-kami (Japanese) – Serpent spirits Yeth hound (English) – Headless dog Yilbegan (Turkic) – Either a dragon or a giant Yobuko (Japanese) – Mountain dwelling spirit Yokai (Japanese) – Supernatural Monster Yomotsu-shikome (Japanese) – Underworld hag Yong – Korean dragon Yosei (Japanese) – Fairy Yosuzume (Japanese) – Mysterious bird that sings at night, sometimes indicating that the okuri-inu is near You Hun Ye Gui (Chinese) – Wandering ghost

Yowie (Australian Aboriginal) – Nocturnal human-ape hybrid, also Yahoo Ypotryll (Heraldic) – Boar-camel-ox-serpent hybrid Yuan Gui (Chinese) – Distressed ghost Yukinko (Japanese) – Childlike snow spirit Yuki-onna (Japanese) – Snow spirit Yurei (Japanese) – Ghost Yuxa (Tatar) – 100-year-old snake that transforms into a beautiful human Starting with Z Zahhak (Persian) – Dragon Zaltys (Baltic) – Serpentine fertility spirit Zamzummim (Jewish) – Giant Zana (Romanian) – Nature spirit Zashiki-warashi (Japanese) – House spirit Zburator (Romanian) – Wolf-headed dragon Zduhac (Slavic mythology) – Disembodied, heroic spirit

Zennyo Ryuo (Japanese) – Rain-making dragon Zhar-Ptitsa (Slavic) – Glowing bird Zhulong (Chinese) – Pig-headed dragon Zhu Que (Chinese) – Fire elemental bird Ziburinis (Lithuanian) – Forest spirit in the form of a glowing skeleton Zilant (Tatar) – Flying reptile with chicken legs Zin (West Africa) – Water spirits Ziz (Jewish) – Giant Bird Zlatorog (Slovenia) – White deer with golden horns Zmeu (Romanian folklore) – Giant with a habit of kidnapping young girls Zmiy – Slavic dragon Zombie (Vodou) – Re-animated corpse Zorigami (Japanese) – Animated clock Zuijin (Japanese) – Tutelary spirit Zunbera-bo (Japanese) – Faceless ghost

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