Farming It Out - Human migration Essay Example

“Farming It Out,” by Maria Amuchaslegui explains and argues how Canada with the Agricultural Workers Program allows guest-workers to receive the benefits Canadian citizens appreciate until health problems arise and become an issue - Farming It Out introduction. Part II Maria Amuchaslegui the author of “Farming It Out,” provides pros and cons for the migrant workers in Canada. They are offered opportunities and benefits that Canadian citizens enjoy but are sometimes not equally treated as promised. As Amuchaslegui states, “They’re not wanted as citizens by Canada, they’re wanted as labourers”. 36)

Part III By alternating narrative incident and general information, Maria Amuchaslegui the author of “Farming It Out,” acknowledges the difficulties that arise with migrant workers who come to Canada. For example, Hermelindo Gutierrez, a guest-worker who is dedicated to his job, is revealed to have kidney failure. He seeks for help from a consulate; however he “demands he returns to Mexico. ”(4) If a migrant worker becomes ill in Canada they can legally remain in the country until their work permit is finished.


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Unfortunately, for Gutierrez he suffers from a long term illness which is generally returned to Mexico. His boss, Henk Sikking Jr. fights for his right to stay in Canada to be treated. Gutierrez was one of his best workers, and Sikking was willing to help out in anyway because, “They wanted him out of the country,” he stated. (33) In the end, Gutierrez continued to live at a refugee settlement house, while people like him can’t receive medical treatment in Mexico and is a struggle to be accepted in Canada.

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