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Echo fashion positives and negatives - Fashion positives Essay introduction. Negative effects of fashion, this includes the use of highly toxic pesticides on the cotton for example it can harm the environment and also wastes large amounts of water, this can have a negative impact on the general health of the people around the area. (Collier at all, 2001) In the production of clothes we can see that non- recyclable materials are used and this also has a negative effect on the society and the health of the people in the area. Barclay, 2008) Things like cloth dust and chemicals have a negative effect on the people who actually work In the factory and an make them sick, this contributes towards people not being able to work and more people are dependent on the government and tax goes up. (Barclay, 2008) Positives of echo fashion: Echo fashion on the other hand promotes a more environmentally friendly way of producing clothes, where they used recycled materials to produce clothes which helps clean up the environment and also helps take of the pressure In the Industrial areas and also for example the cotton fields (Understructures, 2008).

This then can open the window for people who can use their hands to create fashion or echo fashion teems like handbags made of reads and plastics. This then contributes economically towards the local people so in short it helps local empowerment. When I was on the web pages of shops like Blossom and ETC you can see that the want to make people more aware and give them a better understanding of what echo fashion is and how it positively contributes to the environment.

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Echo fashion shops like Blossom, ETC, Hemorrhoid and Thinkers are all promoting the idea of echo fashion in Cape Town. Not clearly understood or known about, echo fashion has had little exposure because cost of the people I interviewed did not know what it is, but with time and the constant environment friendly campaigns going on it will get more exposure and people will definitely get the idea of how echo fashion helps conserve the environment so in time they will buy more echo friendly clothes.

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