Fat Granny's House Essay

Fat Granny’s House Driving down the old dirt road to the house I call my holy place - Fat Granny's House Essay introduction. As we pass up the old white church with chipped painting I start to get excited because I know right around that sharp curve on the right is where my fat granny lives. When we pull up in the rocky driveway and come to a stop, you can see the light brown dirt jump off the ground and disappear into the air. When you get out of the car all you here is hey from everyone who is sitting outside at the old table and staying around the small fire, I shake all my uncle’s hands and give a big hug to all my aunts.

And when I see my cousins, the ones that I’m close to always give me a meaningful hug the ones I don’t really see much give me a real awkward hug. You know that kind of hug where you don’t really want to hug them but you have to because there family. When I start to walk up the ramp that leads into the house I start to get anxious with every creak I hear from me taking big steps trying to get up the steep ramp hoping that nothing in the house has changed since last time I been here.

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I open the screen door and hear it slam behind me with that dying pig sound and watch it bounce a few times back and forth. As I walk into the house I feel that cold breeze that sends chills all up and down my back but as I get father into the house I can hear that loud roar of the heater and everything is warm again. And the house is exactly how it’s suppose to be As the day goes on we walk around the woods and ride our four-wheelers and golf carts up and down the red dirt roads.

Everyone is waiting for nightfall to come out so the real fun can start. When it gets completely dark and the only light we have is the moon and one little street light is when the parents start to open their cold beers and when we all get around the warm tall fire and just joke around and talk about memories. My Uncle Scott and Uncle Bubba start up that little black grill and start to fry up some delicious food.

After awhile you can smell the Mexican chicken being cooked to perfection and that golden corn being roasted. Everyone knows it’s time to hit the hay when my dad starts to do his little dances moves like the law mower and the fishing pole where he pretends he is trying to real in some kind of giant fish, it’s too funny and it never gets old. Every one picks their bed and lays there without any light and just stares into the dark until they can’t keep their eyelids open anymore.

When I sleep here I get the most peaceful sleep every well that’s if I’m not in the same room as my uncle Scott and the only things you can hear is his snoring that seems like its gets louder and louder as he gets into a deeper sleep and all you can do is lay there with the pillow over your ears. When the sun rises and the chickens start to do their cock-a-doddle-do everyone wakes up. You think I’m kidding about the chickens but I’m not they really do that. Well everyone packs up their things and cleans up the house. Well not everyone cleans up my dad thinks he is the supervisor but really he is just trying to get over his hang over.

After we get everything cleaned and start to turn off all the lights you can tell in everyone eyes no one wants to really leave because this place means the same to everyone it’s their place to get away from everything in my family this place is everyone’s holy place. This house is perfect well it’s not as perfect as it use to but it’s still great and I hope I and my cousins can bring our kids here and this place can mean the same to them as it does us. The only thing that could really make this place perfect again is if my fat granny was still with us today.

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