FCAT exam in Florida Essay

- FCAT exam in Florida Essay introduction.

            There has always been a lot of controversy revolving around the issue of assessment tests.  The main problem is that some feel that too many assessment tests affect the students by creating too much pressure at such a young age.  On the other hand, there are those who argue that assessment tests are important in order to ensure that the level of education that students are getting is adequate to prepare them for the world today.  It is clear that the argument hinges around the necessity of these tests as being part of the academic curriculum and being a requirement for advancement to the next level.  The FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) is not different and has been criticized by many to be a waste of government funding and an unnecessary burden on many students.

            It is not easy to come up with a resolution with regard to this issue because the pros and cons do not clearly reveal a stronger side.  On the pro side, the FCAT is a means of ensuring the education quality of students.  It not only acts as a measure of the ability of students but also acts as a gauge for the entire school system as well.  It allows educators to see areas of weakness that must be improved to ensure that everyone gets a good education.

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            On the other hand, the FCAT is an added academic burden on the students.  During the entire primary education stage of students, they are subjected to a number of assessment exams in order to advance to higher grades.  It has been argued, however, that the FCAT does not act as a proper indicator of the ability of the student.  Instead of being designed to test the student and prepare them for the next level, the FCAT has been criticized as being more of misused test that derogates from the better goal of providing a more rounded education to today’s students.

            It is clear that there is no easy way to resolve this issue.  Unless a better alternative can be found to assess the level of students in order to preserve the academic integrity of Florida Schools, there seems to be no other option but to stick with the only system that has been implemented, the FCAT.

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