Federal Government Chapter Notes Essay

All men are created equal Covet must be based on the govern (citizens) Continental Congress 1st was on May 1 776 Had each colony make their own constitution Popular sovereignty was referenced a lot Belief that the gobo exists to benefit the govern Citizens have the right to change/overthrow the gobo Created a Republic form of gobo Representative Citizens elect people to represent them 2nd Established our first governing doc. Articles of Confederation Lasted 1781-1789 Was written In 1777 Purposely kept the national gobo weak

Created a unicameral Congress 1 House/ Congress Each state had one vote Delegates were chosen by state legislature What gobo could do under AC Conduct Foreign Affairs Wage War could create postal service Borrow money Determine the value of money What the Natal gobo couldn’t do under AC Power to enforce policies on states Federal gobo.

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Federal Government Chapter Notes
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