Federal vs. State Government

Does anyone know what powers do the federal and state governments have? Well, the author will explain in detail what power is extended to the two levels of government. She will also explain the limitations that they both have. The author will describe the similarities that are between the state and federal government. Please enjoy the world of government that the author will take you through. The federal government was given many powers that people don’t know.

The federal government’s powers are stated in the Constitution, within article one, section 8. The federal government has the power to make laws necessary and proper and to add new states into the United States. They also can enter into any treaty, become an alliance, and declare war with any foreign state. The federal government also can decide the punishment for treason. The federal government is the power of the military by supporting, regulating, and raising the correct troops. They also employ and provide the Postal service.

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The money in coins along with their value and issuing bills of credit and foreign coin is also a power that the federal government has. The federal government is the one who sets the walls and boundaries for bankruptcy. They also made the laws for being a naturalized citizen. When it comes to the federal government, their powers also control and pay the debt within this country. They also are the ones that created the rules and walls for immigration. They establish the punishment for those who create counterfeiting crimes.

They also provide the fix in the standard of weights and measures. State governments have different powers then the federal government. State governments have a lot of restrictions when it comes to power. The state government has the power to schedule times, places, and the manner of holding the elections for the members of Congress. The state government also has the power to train those in the military and they will appoint officers within. They also fill the openings in Congress only from that state.

They also hold special elections to replace them once their position or time is up. The limitations of the federal government are also like restrictions. They are restricted from payment from the Treasury except made by law. They cannot pass any taxes or duties on the articles that are exported from any of the 50 states. They cannot use any power that is not stated by or within the Constitution. All exercises and duties of the federal government must be uniformed throughout the United States.

The federal government cannot assign a senator or representative to the civil office that was created while they were in Congress or the pay was increased. They also cannot collect the taxes on ports on one state over another state. The federal government cannot grant any kind of nobility to government officials by foreign states. They are not allowed to protect any state from domestic violence without the permission of the legislative unless it cannot be given then it goes to the permission of the executive.

The federal government (the US federal courts) does not have any jurisdiction on suits that are against a state brought by the people of another state or a foreign country. The state government also has restrictions as the same as the federal government does. The state government cannot use powers that are not delegated to the state government by the state constitution. The state government cannot allow state constitutions and laws to conflict with any other version of the US Constitution or the US law. The state government cannot make any other payment of debt but by gold or silver coin.

They cannot pass a law that impairs the obligation of contracts. They also cannot grant any kind of title of nobility to anyone. The state government cannot lay duty on tonnage. They cannot declare any type of war or hold troops or ships of war in the middle of peace time without the consent of Congress unless the state was invaded or in danger. The government of the state doesn’t have any power to make an agreement with another state within the United States or with a foreign state without Congress giving permission.

The state government cannot collect any kind of imports or exports without Congresses’ permission unless it’s to pay the costs of the inspections and only paid to the US treasury. Both governments cannot deny anyone in jurisdiction equal protection of the law. Both cannot suspend any habeas corpus unless rebellion or invasion and public safety is a problem. Neither government can allow any form of slavery unless it’s punishment for a crime which a person or people have been convicted.

Both also cannot refuse anyone the right to vote based on their race, color, sex, failure to pay any type of tax, or their age if over the legal limit of 18. They cannot question or arrest any member of Congress unless it’s for felony charges, treason, or breach of peace while they are within their house. Within this paper, the author showed you many different ways that the federal government and the state government are different. The federal government has the highest power that over trumps the state government on many different levels.

When you find there are differences between federal and state governments, you find that there are many different procedures and steps that have to be taken to obey by the rules of the Constitution of the United States. Many citizens within the United States don’t understand the difference and powers between the two governments until they are faced with a common problem, such as election, taxes or debts. The common factors of being a United States citizen is sometimes very compelling until you sit down and focus on what the powers of each government has to provide to the public to keep this country as a country and keep the citizens safe.

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