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“Feminist Approach to Milton’s Eve”

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“Feminist Approach to Milton’s Eve”
Despite the fact that Milton’s “Paradise Lost” endorses the Biblical ground of Eve campaigning the fall, her cardinal autonomy defeats the roots of patriarchal superiority. While the traditional Christian foundation delivers women in a secondary light, Milton’s work demonstrates a separate but a balanced scale between both sexes. Within his piece, the author evokes Eve as a constituting figure in establishing equilibrium within Eden. Ranging from Eve’s self-observation to her existential inquiries of God’s universe, her role fulfills qualities of a rational, emancipated being.

Furthermore, Milton manifests Eve’s efficacious representation in her ability to withdraw and release Adam from his solitary confinement, thus advocating her potency. With this in mind, Milton’s Eve positions herself as a pioneering figure of leadership and self-governance.
While Milton delivers Adam as the first man and an endowing member of the human race, his independent sufficiency is narrowly bound. This is evident in Book VIII during Adam’s direct request for a companion, “In solitude, what happiness, who can enjoy alone”, (Milton 271).

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“Feminist Approach to Milton’s Eve”
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Some may assert that this application illustrates Adam’s comprehension of the social hierarchy; however his growth development is framed within the workings of Eve’s existence. Adam’s inability to fully digest and exist as a fulfilled creature of God’s universe, subscribes to illustrating his restricted autonomy. Milton exemplifies Adam’s shortcomings and assigns Eve to establish a balance for his existence in Eden. As Stella Revard points out, “ The notion of human being as incomplete is first noted not by Eve, but by Adam”, (Revard 70). With this in mind, the author effectively demonstrates Adam’s subordination prior to God’s creation of Eve. On the contrary, Eve’s initial awakening demonstrates her independence and self-sufficiency. Unlike Adam, she immediately shares a satisfaction within her.

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