Fields of destruction

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On March 24th, 1999, the NATO alliance, led by the United States, began bombing

Yugoslavia. They bombed every day, with steadily increasing numbers of planes and escalating

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destructive power of bombs. The bombing was finally halted after 78 days, with an agreement for

withdrawal of Yugoslav troops from Kosovo, to be replaced by a mixed force of NATO and

The bombing of Yugoslavia was, overwhelmingly, of specifically civilian targets: homes, roads, farms, factories, hospitals, bridges, churches, monasteries, columns of refugees, TV stations, office buildings. The bombing was not intended to maximize civilian deaths, but neither was it intended to minimize them. The aim of the bombing was to destroy civilian installations on which people’s lives and comfort depended, killing a few thousand random civilians for good measure, and thus weakening the will of the population to resist, so that they would submit to NATO occupation.

Why did NATO bombed the small country like Yugoslavia? For this question there is a few different answers. First, NATO officials would say they did it to save thousands of lives from genocide committed by Milosevic’s/ Yugoslav army. However nobody ever mentioned the genocide that happened on the Serbian people. One of the biggest massacres on Serbian population happened in village called Klecka. Some of the news never got to the US people, because that was going against NATO objectives. US Envoy in Belgrade Christopher Hill said: “ I condemn the horrible massacres of serb civilians committed by Albanian terrorists.the united states are shocked by brutalities in village of Klecka. Whom ever did this must be punished. The united states do not support the armed battles of the KLA and condemn of any kind of aggression, as well as kidnapping of civilians”.(

Unfortunately nobody ever got to hear this because of the propaganda here in US. They had to use this excuse of protecting the civilians, so American population would approve what was going on, even 70% of population didn’t even know where Yugoslavia is geographically located. They used so called mass propaganda. The only news that person could get were the once controlled by American Government. The proof for this I found while watching news on the CNN and FOX NEWS about bombing. At one moment they were saying how there was no US aircrafts shoot down, and showing a picture of a destroyed airplane they said that that was a Yugoslavian/Russian airplane MIG 29.They overlooked one little detail that only people who watched carefully notice. The airplane had everything written in English language. There is absolutely no way that Russian airplane had anything written in English language.

Second reason for bombing of Yugoslavia, and more realistic was that Yugoslavia had a very important geographical location for US. Yugoslavia is located right on the crossroad between three worlds. One, western Europe, two eastern Europe and Russia, and three very close to African continent. No matter what world power controlled id they would control major roads that go thru.

Third and probably main reason for bombing was to destroy the last socialist/communist country in Europe. That was an icing on the cake, for capitalist/democratic world, led by United states.

The guest speaker in one of my classes, Dr. Reza Ghods, professor on the Ohio State University, and expert on the international relations said something that caught my attention and something that I was trying to explain to most of Americans who wanted to discus the whole situation in Balcans. The bombing had absolutely nothing to do with humanities, and that a whole thing was about strategic reasons. Dr. Ghods spoke to one of the main officials for Balkans that told him even before anything happened, that they are going to start a war in Serbia too. He didn’t want to name any names, but that official said “ Next is Kosovo “. The war decision was made earlier than March of 1999. The US presented Yugoslavia with an ultimatum that the Yugoslavs could only reject. This was presumably deliberate on the part of the US negotiating team. Far from this being anything to do with Slobodan Milosevic, if Milosevic had accepted Rambouillet, he would have swiftly been replaced, and the US negotiators at Rambouillet must have known this. Whatever they may say in public, they are actually acquainted with the fact that Yugoslavia is a democratic state, and that no leader could survive the giving away of Kosovo, much less the whole of Yugoslavia, without a fight.

During the whole Kosovo crises the number of killed Albanians was around twenty five hundred. Ninety percent of them were terrorists. Unfortunately, it did happened that some civilians did died, but that was caused by accidents. If this was a reason for horrible bombing of Yugoslavia, why nobody ever did anything about Kurds in Turkey. Kurds were and still are getting slathered by Turkey army. Why nobody has never bombed Turkey. Is it maybe because Turkey is a member of NATO? A whole world is calling Kurds terrorists, even there is few million Kurds only in Turkey. Don’t they deserve to have their own country? I guess for some reason Albanians in Kosovo are more important then Kurds. If Turkey can deal the way they do with Kurds terrorists, how come Yugoslavian government can’t deal with Albanian terrorists?

The Story about NATO destruction!

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