Film Studies 1

Paul Kessler 320682 [email protected] - Film Studies 1 introduction. missouri. edu Film Studies 1800 When I think of myself as a moviegoer, I generally describe myself as a well-rounded movie enthusiast. I like to see many different kinds of movies ranging from foreign films like “La Vie en Rose” to comedies like “Anchorman” and anything in between. When I think about what influences me when I choose a movie to go see, I think my background has a lot to do with the choice. My dad is a huge action film buff. He’s not so much a Bruce Willis “Diehard” kind of guy, but more of a “James Bond,” “Star Trek,” or John Wayne fan.

So naturally, I saw a lot of those movies growing up, but I also saw a lot of great comedies like “Caddy Shack” or “Grumpy Old Men”. My dad really has a sense of humor like that. Late in high school, he even introduced me to “Porky’s” which is still one of my favorite comedies to date. When it comes to my taste in foreign films, I’ve always described myself as European at heart. I love watching soccer, Formula 1 and cycling. I’ve learned Spanish, Latin and French, so movies in those languages have always been useful to me, as I have learned those languages.

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The movies also provide a peak into the culture of foreign countries and foreign cinema. Despite my father’s love of Western films, I was never attracted to them. I saw them more as a dying breed of film and I embraced the nutty comedies like “Ace Ventura” and epic sci-fi movies like “Star Wars” with ease. When it comes to westerns, I think that you have to grow up with them and have friends to watch them with, and unfortunately for my dad, none of my friends ever really got into westerns either. For this assignment, I have chosen to see the movie “Looper.

” The movie excites me because it looks like a great mix of science fiction and action. It takes the concept of time travel and looks like it puts a new spin on it, and who hasn’t ever thought about traveling through time? Expectations-wise, I feel like the movie is going to have a lot of action and violence, and I’ sure there will be a love story somewhere in it, but I’m expecting a genuinely exciting movie. I think it’s the type of movie that will keep me guessing until the very end, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an interesting ending to the film. Knowing

that Bruce Willis is in this movie makes me certain that the movie will be worth my time, mainly because I have never watched one of his movies and regretted using my time watching that movie. I expect for this movie to be strictly entertainment. I see little that the film could teach me in other areas, unless I wanted to learn how they performed the special effects or how they did the stunts and fight scenes. From what I know about the film, I expect a pretty decent plot but for the movie to be carried by its action and special effects rather than by any spectacular acting.

Especially when dealing with time travel, effects have to be top notch so that the movie doesn’t make you doubt the legitimacy of the technology, even if the movie is set 70 years in the future. The effects make the movie plausible, like lighting sabers in “Star Wars,” or warp speed in “Star Trek”. So quite simply, if the effects are there, I think my enjoyment will be enhanced. After going to see “Looper”, I am pretty satisfied with what I saw. The movie was pretty much what I expected, a futuristic thriller with lots of fighting explosions and plenty of Bruce Willis.

I thought the concept of the movie was fantastic. Time travel has fascinated the human mind for years, and by implementing it in a mob-style movie was fantastic. However, in some ways I was disappointed by the fact that the movie was slightly predictable. Lots of action, no surprise ending, pretty typical. The movie had an all-star line up in terms of cast, and nothing the characters did could disappoint me. I felt the strongest connection to Joseph Gordon-Levitt mainly because he was the main character. His talent seems endless and I continue to look forward to movies he stars in.

All in all, I was thoroughly entertained by this movie. I definitely didn’t pick this movie to be informed or cultured, I really just wanted to be entertained. I went with a group of my friends, and none of us could stop raving about it afterwards, and when I looked the film up on Rotten Tomatoes, movie-goers and critics seem to agree with me because the movie has a 93% score, one of the highest I’ve seen on the web site. I think that the film’s popularity was helped out by the fact that it wasn’t heavily promoted like many other action movies.

I actually knew very little about the movie when I walked into the theater, so I really had no expectation other than for a science fiction thriller, so I think the promotion was absolutely perfect. Even the trailers that they showed on TV didn’tgive away any integral plot lines. In terms of the venue, I think that the movie theater was fine, some people would text and talk during the movie, but that seems to be pretty inevitable these days. This was a fantastic social movie, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a thriller and some really solid entertainment.

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