Final Exam Arithmetic mean

1. Reducing consumer choices makes service more efficient. TRUE

2. Product failures can be easier to remedy with modular design. TRUE

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3. A service blueprint is quite similar to an architectural drawing. TRUE

4. Applied research is the major R&D effort of business organizations because of the desire for commercial application. TRUE

5. Life-cycle assessment involves incorporating where the product or service is in its life-cycle into system-design decision-making. FALSE

6. A disadvantage of global teams for product design is that: ease of face to face meetings

7. Which of the following statements about CAD is not true? E. used successfully by manufacturing companies

8. The process of dismantling and inspecting a competitor’s new or revised product for the purpose of gleaming design ideas is called: reversed engineering

9. One of these is not a characteristic of a well-designed service system: distributed computer networks

10. Which of the following is not true about re-manufacturing: it produces high quality products easily

11. If a system depends on two sub-systems functioning when activated, the reliability of that system is equal to the lower reliability of the two sub-systems. TRUE

12. A system consists of 2 components each of which must activate if the system is to activate. One component has a reliability of 99 the other of on
is independent

13. A system consists of 2 components, each of which must activate if the system is too active. One component has a reliability of .99. The other has a reliability of .95. What is the overall system reliability. (.95)

14. The time between failures for an electrical appliance is exponentially distributed with a mean of 25 months. What is the probability that the next failure won’t occur before 30 months have elapsed? In excess of .2 but not in excess of .3

15. Waygate’s residential internet modem works well but is sensitive to power-line fluctuations. On average, this product hangs up and needs reseting every 200 horus. On average of 45 minutes is needed to reset this product. What is the product avail? In excess of .9 but not in the excess of .95

16. Quality of design refers to the degree to which goods and services achieve the intent of the designers. FALSE

17. Reducing the variations in our product or services is an important key to perceived quality TRUE

18. The dimensions of product and service quality are too abstract to be applied to be applied operationally TRUE

19. Firms that wish to do business with the European Community can benefit from having a quality management system that needs ISO 9000 standards TRUE

20. Which of the following is not a goal of process improvement? Identifying the cause of the problem

21. If the customer satisfaction doesn’t always lead to customer loyalty firms may need to focus additional effort on ____ strategies. Retention; base marketing

22. If a point on a control chart falls outside one of the control limits, this suggests that the process output is non-random and should be investigated. TRUE

23. The variation of a sampling distribution is tighter than the variation of the underlying process distribution. TRUE

24. Range control charts are used to monitor process central tendency. TRUE

25. Quality of conformance is concerned with whether a product or service conforms to its specifications.

26. A control chart is used to monitor the fraction of defectives generated by a process is the: c-chart

27. A design engineer wants to construct a sample mean chart for controlling the service life of a halogen headlamp his company produces. He knows from numerous previous samples that this service life is normally distributed with a mean of 500. A design engineer wants to construct a sample mean chart for controlling the service life of a halogen headlamp his company produces. He knows from numerous previous samples that this service life is normally distributed with a mean of 500 hours and a standard deviation of 20 hours. On three recent production batches, he tested service life on random samples of four headlamps, with these results: D) 515 hours

28. A Quality Analyst wants to construct a control chart for determining whether 3 machines, all producing the same product, are under control with regard to a particular quality variable. Accordingly, he sampled for units of output from each machine. What are the x-bar chart three sigma upper and lower control limits? D) 23.16 and 16.84

29. Given the following process control data for a normally distributed quality variable (3 samples of size 4 each)/ If the process is known to have a mean of 15 and sd of 3, what is the alpha risk (prob of Type I error) for
upper and lower control limits of 16.5 and 13.5 respectively? 18 and 12? 19.5 and 10.5? .3174; .0456; .0026

30. The specifications for a product are 6mm+ .1mm. The process known to operate at a mean of 6.05 with a sd of .01 mm. What is the Cpk for this process?

31. A CD burner has a MTBF of 80 weeks. Determine these probabilities (use for the next 3 questions) The unit will not last 64 weeks. TRUE
The unit will last for at least 88 weeks. TRUE
Neither of the above occurs. FALSE

MTBF = 80 weeks. [Probabilities are from Table 4-2.]
T = 64, T/MTBF = 64/80 = .80 1 – .4493 = .5507
T = 88, T/MTBF = 88/80 = 1.10. P(at least 88) = .3329
64 < T < 88 is 1 – (.5507 + .3329) = .1164

32. The useful life of an artificial heart valve is normally distributed with a mean of 48 months and sd fo 5 months. Determine the prob the value will wear out with 44 months of install

33. The valve will last at least 40 months

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