Final Reflection

Senior Seminar – Final reflection from Mr. Madziar’s “Personal Finance” section of the course Send Mr. M. an email by midnight next Monday, October 15th. This email should include: 1. A one or two paragraph reflection on The Ant and the Grasshopper. The MP3 file is also posted to the Senior Seminar folder in case you wish to listen again while writing your response. You might address some or all of these questions in your reflection: From a personal finance perspective, what is symbolized by the ant?

From a personal finance perspective, what is symbolized by the grasshopper? What are some “ant-like” financial behaviors/habits that I already possess or should work on adopting? What are some “grasshopper-like” financial behaviors/habits that I see in myself, and that I will need to overcome in order to successfully manage my finances? 2. Likes and dislikes from your experiences learning about personal finance.

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Were any parts of the course particularly eye-opening or helpful? Were any parts of the course not so helpful to you? Other thoughts on the course. Please be specific. 3. What is your current grade in the class? Get this information from HAC, and simply report it in your email. To help you interpret your grade, here are the categories that are utilized: ? “Project” = Career Project ? “Reports” = Personal Finance work (budget, educational expense planning, etc…) ? Attendance” = Attendance you have earned so far during the trimester (Start w/ 50 points, subtract 5 for each absence and 2 for each tardy) If anything on HAC does not seem accurate – an incorrect score typed in, for example – please bring this to Mr. M’s attention via email or stop in to see him by 3:00 next Tuesday, October 16th. In 1-3 sentences, reflect on your progress so far: Am I pleased with this grade? Is it consistent with the standards that I typically hold myself to? If not, what is my plan for bringing it up?

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