Financial Aid Appeal Letter

This is in response to the official letter that I received from your office regarding the suspension of my financial aid - Financial Aid Appeal Letter introduction. I am writing to present a request to have the privilege of receiving financial aid again. During my last semester, year, including the months leading up to my suspension for credits at Howard posed a challenging point in my academic career. With the external pressures and stress conditions faced at the time prevented me from meeting my set goals for academic progress. The long strenuous hours at work, the displacement that my Mother and sister faced by moving to Boston from Miami, then back to Miami, then later to Pittsburgh and then now back to Miami. The worries of what I was going to have to sacrifice in order to send money to my immediate family, as well as other less fortunate family members in Haiti, all took an unbearably heavy toll on me thus spilling over and effecting both my attitude and efforts placed towards my classes. It forced me to readjust and reprioritize things causing school and my studies to be placed on the back-burner.

I found myself at work, working on days I had schedule classes. I wasn’t putting forth any real effort in any of my difficult classes primarily because I was so distracted with stresses outside of school. I was sort of just going through the motions. During that moment in my life I was fatigued end exhausted with school life. I had arrived at a point where I forgot why I initially came to Howard, which was to be the first person in my immediate family to attend college and earn a quality education. I came to Howard to earn a bachelors degree and work in a field, still to this day, I’m most passionate about. Without the required financial aid, it would be difficult for me to take the amount of courses I need to take in the next academic semester.

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I am aware that my performance during my last attendance at Howard University does not give any reason for faith in my abilities to do better but I am in a position to ensure that I am going to take strict steps to ensure that my academic work will be more successful in the future. I have, for one, found a better stable job, working for a great security company, which allows me the flexibility to cut back on the number of work hours ensuring that I get more time to devote to my academics. I have made myself familiar with and established a network of tutors on and off campus that I will utilize for classes that I find most difficult. I also plan on establishing and maintaining close contact with my adviser in the School of Business, Accounting department, regarding measures I can take to stay ahead of the academic demands of college. Without financial aid this will be impossible. I am a good student as my records from earlier academic performances would show you and I intend to get back on track as my education is of prime importance to me.

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