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Financial worksheet assignment

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When viewing feedback reports from 8 months ago in comparison to those written 2 weeks ago week the manager was able to see that more money was being spent on man hours in her apartment even though patient flow had actually decreased.

By this valuation she realized she needs to adjust employees work schedules and do some changing around where they could be better utilized. Decision making When the financial manager chooses one of the options among the available alternatives. When opting to update their facility Dry.

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Financial worksheet assignment
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X and Dry. Y spent several months researching information on new resources and services that their community could benefit. They viewed health reports, statistics, and evaluated hat would be most useful and bring in the most revenue for their facility.

After analyzing, they realized that their community needed more radiology equipment and persona. They decided to focus on establishing a radiology department during their expansion. Organizing When the financial manager determines how to use the resources of the organization to adequately carry out the plans that had been established.

After analyzing the current resources, the organization decided that the funds were limited and if the expansion were going to be Seibel they would have to have a thorough plan as to where they could benefit the most.

They organized reports and statistic information to present to the board for review. Planning To analyze objects then identify the steps required to accomplish them. To open a new radiology department in their facility, the first thing is they had to determine how much it would cost in man hours, resources, and construction. They constituted a budget for supplies, construction, employees and their training, and then to determine a goal for their launch date.

Original records Provide confirmation that an event has occurred. Without original records the office staff would never been able to see that patient A had been in to see Dry. X 10 months ago for a mammogram and was recently called in to schedule the exact same procedure this week, the original visit just had not been updated in the electronic system. After updating they were able to catch their mistake and cancel patients A visit before unnecessary cost concurred.

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