Finding Happyness in the Simple Things of Life Essay

It’s funny how the simplest things can make such a big impact in your life and bring you happiness when all seems lost - Finding Happyness in the Simple Things of Life Essay introduction. Something simple as the most mouthwatering plate of cookies can give you then energy to start your day. Or how a beautiful day can give you a bigger boost than all the caffeine in the world could do. However nothing is more important than a mothers smile to rid away the troubles life throws at us. The most everyday insignificant things may be just what you need to let you know that happiness can be found wherever you look for it.

The other day when I was laying in my bed I was awaken by the intoxicating smell of freshly baked, made from scratch cookies. Not just any cookies though, they were my favorite that all you had to do was hold the cookie over your mouth and the pieces would fall right off landing in my mouth cookies, my mother’s homemade chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips. These are the kind of cookies that even though I was all the way upstairs tucked in my bed I could taste them. They were soft, I could tell by the smell that they were hot and gooey right out of the oven and I could already feel them melting in my mouth. The almond flavor and my mother’s special ingredient of just a hint of coffee smelled as though I was standing next to the world’s best bakery with the freshest cookies on my right and the most exotic and freshest coffee shop on my left while holding in my hands a heap of almonds. I smiled and thought to myself, today is going to be a good day. I had no idea what that particular Saturday would bring but just having those cookies engulfed in my bedroom it didn’t matter what the day would bring me because I was happy. Just then I heard the metal spatula scrap the pan and the cookies were plopped onto a plate. Usually I can’t stand the sound of metal on metal but this was a dull smooth scrap it was as if the crumbs from the cookies cushioned the sound. The cookies were finally free they had made their way through the oven and now my mother had put them on a glass plate just for me. I heard a faint clink as they slid off the spatula and glided onto the plate. They had reached their destination and all that was left was to make my cookie dream a reality.

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Finally I just couldn’t take it anymore I flung off my covers and ran downstairs like a little girl on Christmas morning. My mother smiled at me that smile that a mother gives you when she knows she just made her child happy it’s almost a satisfying smile. She handed me the cold plate and as I held the bottom of the plate I could feel the warm gooey cookies melting through the plate. Just as I was about to pick one up I glanced out the window and I could tell that this was no day to be sitting inside. The sun was shining down through the trees that sheltered our little house onto the bright red deck that was snuggled right up to the side of the house. The bright sun matched my mother’s beaming face in the same comforting satisfied way. I opened the door and the bright blue sky looked like a silky smooth sheet. I could hear the birds chirping singing at the sky thanking it for this beautiful day. The trees rustled in tune with the birds’ song and the peaceful breeze brushed against my skin. It was the kind of day that you wait all year for. The sunlight was perfect, not too sunny that you can barely see but just enough to brighten everything up a little. The temperature was just right that you could be comfortable no matter what you were wearing. I was so drawn to this beautiful day that I had forgotten what had gotten me out of bed in the first place, my mother and her amazing chocolate chip without chocolate chip cookies.

She came outside just as I was about to go get her, because a day like this and cookies as delicious as the ones I still held in my hand just can’t be consumed by yourself. As she came outside and stood next to me I took one deep breathe in to try and save this moment in my mind. As I inhaled the cool air all of my favorite smells combined and reminded me of when I was a kid in the summertime without a care in the world. The smell of my mother’s favorite perfume, juniper breeze and her delicious cookies were swept up in another gentle breeze and I thought to myself this is what true happiness feels like.

When lifes craziness grabs a tight grip on you just think of the simple things in life that make you truly happy. When all those little things in life combine it creates the most perfect moment. For me it’s a combination of the perfect day that only happens a few times a year, when all you want to do is lie outside and smell the air and feel the grass. The day when you
can tell that even nature itself is happy. Mix that with the most perfect homemade cookies in the world that are too good for anyone but the queen of England herself. After that all you need is a mother’s love and that single moment that seems so insignificant at the time can get you through anything that life decides to through your way.

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