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Finding True Love

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Love; how much is hiding in these four letters, people all over the world love each other. Love is a great power which makes life so important. I think that without love, people can not live in this world. Some people have already met love. When I was growing up, I was always told that there is someone in this beautiful world for everyone, and I never seemed to believe it. I had been heart crushed by a guy I thought I loved, so ever since then, I thought true love could not be real.

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Finding True Love
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I always dreamed of a relationship in movies with the perfect couple walking by the ocean together, holding hands so tight that there are no spaces between their fingers, and always thought to myself, “When will I find love like that? ” One day, though, when I met this one special blonde – haired bombshell, I realized that true love really does exist. When I was in high school, I never really wanted to get involved with guys.

I was not like all the other girls, I did not need that stunning, captain of the football team; prince charming in my life, I just needed my best friends and my loving family.

I had crushes, I just never really wanted a relationship. I had enough experience watching my friends get their hearts broken and my grandparents ruining their lives through a rough divorce, so I never wanted to put myself in a position to get hurt. Almost every evening, I would spend quite a bit of time on the internet searching on Myspace and Facebook. As I was scrolling down my news feed, I saw this guy, Christopher; whom I have always had a crush on, posted new pictures onto his MySpace.

These pictures were gorgeous of him and showed his sun kissed tan skin, bright blue eyes, and blonde gelled down hair. I smiled and felt a sense of shock when I saw these pictures, so I finally had the courage to comment on them. I simply told him, “This is a really good picture of you! ” The next day, I got on my MySpace to see an inbox message from him. I had so much excitement and butterflies flying straight through my stomach just seeing his name. I read the message and he had said, “Thanks for the picture comment. You look good too.

Here is my number, text me sometime. ” So, of course I texted him. We talked all day, every day for quite some time. On a windy, cold November night, my friends and I went to a Linganore High School playoff football game. I was texting Christopher and he had told me he was going to be at the game. I had not met him yet, so I got real nervous and my stomach sunk like the titanic. When he asked me to meet him at the concession stand, my heart started beating rapidly. It was very awkward considering I had never met him in person.

When we started talking, my face got as red as an apple and I was very shy. I told my friends to come down and meet him, because he had made me so happy right away. We ended up watching the majority of the game together, and at the end of the game, he walked me out of the stadium into the parking lot; the whole time we were walking he was clinching onto my hand with his, and just by meeting him that one time, I knew he could be the one I‘ve been dreaming of. I told my parents all about him, and they were so happy for me.

I had never spoke so highly about any guy to my parents before nor had I ever wanted them to meet any of my guy friends, but this guy was different – I wanted to bring him home to meet them as soon as possible. My parents could tell that I was happy, because I was always in a ecstatic, good mood and smiling around the house. The first night he came over, we studied together in my chilly basement. He was a nervous wreck to come inside because he had to meet my parents, brother and grandpa all at once.

When he came in, I introduced them and my laid-back parents definitely liked him; you could tell by the sparkle in their eyes right away. His brother was a football player, and his team was going to the states game the Friday coming up, so that kept a lengthy conversation between him and my dad. This was the night that marked the day Christopher and I started dating; November 30th, 2009. It all started with a cute and simple question of him asking me, “So, do you want to go to the states game with your friends or with your boyfriend? Without any sudden pause and any doubt in my mind, I replied, “I want to go with my boyfriend! ” I had never heard of a guy asking any of my friends out in cute ways besides over a text saying, “Will you go out with me? ” So I thought this was very unique and made me fall for him even more. Overtime, Christopher and I got really close. I could tell that this was really what I wanted. He took me on the best dates, and one that I will always remember is our date to Rio Cinemas in Gaithersburg, MD. Him and I both grew up in the same area, Gaithersburg, so it was nice to go to my hometown with a guy I was falling for.

During this date, we had lunch by the lake; we had a beautiful few of all of the trees and flowers blooming and the water soothing right along. We also walked around the little town and shopped at the consignment shops along the eventful, but small town. On this date we were entertained by bands playing rock and roll music and rode on paddle boats together where we got close looks at the ducks and floated along the water. I had never had such a great time with a guy. Over the summer, I went on my first extended stay away from home with him and his family.

I went to Lake Monomanac with them. This was a tremendous experience, this atmosphere was absolutely gorgeous. I met so many polite, wonderful people from his family. On this family vacation, we went tubing along the calm lake, swam in the chilled water, relaxed on a pontoon boat, enjoyed colorful bursts of fireworks on the dock outback of the lake house, charcoaled the grill with burgers and hotdogs, jumped off platforms into the lake, and played many board games that I was never familiar with – with the family.

I always would get home sick when I would stay away from home, but being around him made me feel so comfortable and there was never a time when I got homesick. I was with him, and that is where I wanted to me. I still remember the first time he told me he loved me. He was leaving my house one night, and as we were hugging and kissing goodbye underneath of the full moon and sparkling stars in the sky, his deep blue need you eyes looked directly in mine and he said, “Kayla, I think I love you. ” I had no idea how to react.

My eyes got real big, my jaw dropped a short distance and I was speechless. I had never had a guy tell me he loved me before, so I did not even say I love you back. After he left, I went into bed and thought about what he had told me and thought about my definition of love. I realized, I had never felt anything like I felt with him. I had never had this warm feeling in my heart. I would do anything in the world for him, and our relationship was so passionate and the bond was very strong. While I laid in bed, I thought to myself – I think I love him too.

Being with him has caused a lot of changes in my life. I have become a better person because of him. He has taught me a lot of things in life and I appreciate him so much. It was nice to know, I can be accepted for who I am, and to know that; I think I found my one and only. Every time I think about him, I still get butterflies in my stomach, and I think, for just a minute, where would I be without him? It has now been almost two years and it is still going strong, it just keeps getting better. Us saying, “I love you,” has turned into us saying, “I’m in love with you! ”

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