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Fire Fight And Rescue

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In one such incident, when the fire broke out in the house of Md Yosuf Bhat, Manzoor Ah Bhat and Mushtaq Ah Bhat, R/O village Feripura, Distt Shopian in the area army camp, the responsible Company of army unit reacted in no time after receiving the info of the fire break out.

Village Feripura is located at the dist of 2 km from the army camp on the Kulgam – Shopian rd. The info regarding fire break out in the house of Md Yosuf Bhat and his two brothers was received at 1630 Hr on 24 Apr 2011.

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Fire Fight And Rescue
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On receipt of info three parties from the army camp which was carrying out routine game parade, loaded all available fire fighting equipment of the coy and rushed to the fire incident site.

The parties reached at 1645 hr and fire was still engulfing three houses in a row. One out of three parties soon dply in the crowd management, and remaining two parties soon pumped all available resources to control the fire.

In a moment, young local boys of the village along with few sumo drivers also joined the army camp’s fire fighting parties and assisted in controlling fire.

By the time fire fighting tenders arrived from Shopian, all the persons and their valuable was moved out and secured. With the help of fire brigade the remnant fire was also controlled completely and further prevented from spreading it to the adjoining houses.

This episode added one more feather in the good wk and laurels of the army. The same was amply acknowledge by the Awam of Feripuara and other vill of the AOR by expressing their gratitude to the army which helped prevent destruction on large scale.

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