First Love Book Report Essay

In the book “First Love” by Melissa Johns, Emily moves to Buffalo, New York from Houston, Texas - First Love Book Report Essay introduction. On her first day at her new school, she meets Sam who becomes her best friend. She also meets Eric on her first day. Sam tells her how shocked she is that Eric started showing interest in her because his dad says he can’t focus on girls. He says that he has to focus on football and making sure he keeps his full scholarship to Syracuse University. Eric and Emily start hanging out more and more. They had to deal with many problems like an obsessive ex-girlfriend named Janice and Emily’s pregnant step-mom.

At the senior prom, Janice surprises both Eric and Emily by kissing Eric and then turning to Emily and telling her that she did it so Eric could be reminded of their first time. Emily was heartbroken because Eric had told her that he never had sex with Janice. They broke up on that night but Eric never stopped trying to get Emily back. He showed up at her house and called her every day for a while until Emily told him to stop. She assured him that it was over. He went off to play football for Syracuse that summer and Emily went to University of Buffalo.

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They both lived their lives but thought about each other every day. One day Emily realized how stupid it was that she hasn’t forgiven him yet and she showed up at Syracuse one Saturday. They made up and everything was good again. Sam met a boy named Rob and they started dating soon after they met. When things started heating up again, Emily realized she was ready to have sex with Eric. They both knew that it was more than just sex. They loved each other so much. Eric proposed to Emily and she took some time to think about it.

As she was thinking she realized that she had made a mistake the week before. She and Eric were unsafe one of the times. Emily went to the doctor and he told her she was pregnant. When Emily told Eric she was pregnant, he proposed to her again. This time she did not hesitate to say yes. That’s where the book ended. The author said that she would be making a sequel that would be released in the summer of 2012. The author’s theme for the book is that true loves can get through the toughest of situations if it’s really true. Eric and Emily went through Janice and Eric’s father trying to break them up.

They also went through Eric lying to her. In the story to author uses person vs. self and also person vs. person. Person vs. self is used when Emily says “I don’t know whether to forgive him because I love him or don’t because he lied to me. He broke my heart. ” Part of her wants to forgive him but the other part keeps going back to what he did. Person vs. person is used when Emily wins homecoming queen and Eric wins homecoming king. Janice was really upset about that. After the dance they all ran into each other in the parking lot.

Janice looked at Eric and said “Congrats, Eric Honey. You deserve it. ” Eric didn’t even look at her. Janice walked by them with her cheerleader robots and said “The bitch didn’t though. ” Eric got really upset about that and lost it. He said “Janice, I have been very patient with you, but as of this moment, if you ever talk to her like that again, or even breathe anywhere near her again, it will be your last, do you understand me? ” From then on, Janice didn’t bother her as much. She gave Emily dirty looks frequently and occasionally gave her snotty remarks.

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