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1 - Flash Cat introduction. Which prospecting methods do you think Eric should use? Eric, has just started working in Flash Chat, a company which provides software programs for other companies that allow to employees communicate and exchange ideas on improvements with managers, anonymously. This program is totally new as it’s the first time that will be sold in the marketplace. Consequently, Eric should use the Internet in order to generate prospects because is known to be the fastest-growing method for this purpose.

Through e-mails and web sites Eric can promote the whole program and its special features and benefits but at the same time by ensuring that his site is listed on the major and important search engines so that it will be more easily for the prospects to find it. Then, all that matters is a satisfied customer. Furthermore, Eric can find leads through personal observation. Reading articles and surveys will let him know the names of the most important leaders in each company.

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One more useful method would be direct mails to the companies that would possibly be interested in offering suggestions between managers and employees in order to improve the whole operation of their firm. 2. How should Eric qualify the leads he finds? Which qualifying factors will be most important? He should qualify the leads he finds in order to separate the ones that are actually interested, able, willing and afford to buy the particular product.

He should analyze if the prospect has a need of it or it is just a want. In addition, he must realize if the prospect has the authority to buy and sign for the sale, if he or she is available for a long-term potential relationship with the 123 Flash Chat firm as well as if he/she can be approached favorably. The most important qualifying factor would be that the buyer must be familiar with information technology and able to share it with the rest firm.

That is very important because what Eric sells is exactly based on IT. 3. How should Eric organize his prospecting activities? How should he keep good records? A strong plan is what Eric actually needs in order to prospect effectively. An organized plan will let him keep records of beginning sales so as to forecast the coming ones. He should separate leads according to their values so that he addresses fairly to each one.

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