Flaws in the electoral college

How many flaws are there?
4 flaws
1st flaw
winner of popular vote is not guaranteed the presidency
2nd flaw
electors are expected but NOT required to vote for the candidate who won popular vote of/in there state
3rd flaw
Any election might have to be decided in the house of rep
If no winner

voting is by state not by individual members
-a small state would have as much weight as a large stare
-if representative from a state cannot decide on a majority- then that state looses its vote

4th flaw
system encourages candidates to focus on the state with the largest number of electors can win the presidential capturing the 11 largest states and losing the other 39

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2000 president-election
All gore vs. George Bush
-all gore won popular vote
-Bush won electoral vote
(came down to florida so they needed to recount- to close)
Congressional District Method
-separate themselves into districts (each district gets an electoral vote)
-for Maine and Nebraska
-Dif from winner-takes-all in the electoral college
-which ever candidate gets popular vote wins electoral vote
-last 2 electoral votes go to the candidate who wins state popular vote
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