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Florence Nightingale Notes to Movie

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1. When Mrs. Nightingale went to Kaiserwerth-am-Rein in Germany she learned three core things that influenced her future ideas. They were hygiene, nutrition, and that nursing is more than just caring, it is a science. 2. When Mrs. Nightingale was implemented as the hospital administrator in London she improved the hospital in many ways. She educated nurses, had a medical company in the hospital to dispense medicine as needed, and had ideas of lifts to pass out food as well as piping hot water to each room.

. When Mrs. Nightingale went to Scutari she had 10 days to leave London and collect her supplies. In those 10 days she also had to hire 40 women and paid them 18 shunting’s a week. 4. Once the nurses arrived at Scutari, they were instructed by Dr. John Hall and Dr. Menzzie not to assist the wounded soldiers. There were no female’s allowed to nurse the British Army. So, instead of tending to the soldiers they began sanitizing the hospital corridors, making blankets, and opening any and all windows.

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5. The London Times and reporters wrote many great things about Florence Nightingale. They looked upon her as an angel. This brought much needed notice to the situation and they contributed 29,000 pounds toward her cause. 6. Under the hospital building Florence found sewer lines that were clogged up by dead animal carcasses. These dead carcasses were releasing poisones gasses and fumes thru the vents killing the men that lay beside them. It was also found that their water supply flowed thru two horse carcasses, contaminating the water.

While Mrs. Nightingale was away at Scutari 2,000 men died in her arms. As far as the nurses there are two different amounts given during the movie. One scene stated that 6 nurses died and another scene stated that only 12 nurses were left when Florence left. So, I believe that 6 nurses died and the rest left because of the environment in which they had to live in. 8. When Florence Nightingale went to the front lines her goal was to speak with Dr. John Hall about changing the treatment guidelines for soldiers.

She wanted him to treat wounds efficiently on the spot and see that the proper treatment is given to not only their bodies but to their minds as well. 9. Queen Victoria gave Florence a copy of general orders giving her the position of General Superintendent of nursing of all military hospitals. These new guidelines gave her the power to supervise all military hospital orders. She was also given a beautiful green broach. 10. The broach was inscribed “Blessed are the merciful”.

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