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Florida Council Against Sexual Violence

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It has been observed that there has been an increased case of raping underage children in major urban centers in Florida (‘Child Sexual Abuse | Florida Council Against Sexual Violence,’ 2019).

This situation has been prevailing for the last five years.

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Florida Council Against Sexual Violence
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The study is concerned with getting the factors that have resulted in increased cases of infant rape in developed urban centers. The overall objective of the research is to get the best solutions that can be enacted not only to reduce child abuse but also to reduce the increasing spread of sexually transmitted infections like HIV and Syphilis (‘Child Sexual Abuse | Florida Council Against Sexual Violence,’ 2019). The study approach techniques include conducting interviews with the victims, where they will explain the difficulties they are facing. Other discussions will also be performed on the villagers as well as social health professionals who will speak on behalf of this vulnerable group and propose the anticipated solutions that should be enacted to restore normality in these towns.

The community will also expand the topic to include all the stakeholders in this child abuse scenario.

As earlier indicated, the instances of child molesting have accelerated in the last five years. Although some of these incidents have been reported to the nearby medical centers, most of the sexual acts remain untold as a result of the shortcomings that affect the victims. This situation has resulted to the urgency of unearthing the causes of such behaviors as well as formulating the necessary solutions to minimize the impacts of the transmitted diseases on these children (‘Resources,’ 2019). The general community describes the leading cause of these cases is the fact that street children are always roaming on less illuminated parts of the town, which serve as active sites for sexual activities. However, our study goes beyond validating such claims to finding other factors that may have triggered this increase of rape cases to enforce the law.

The main goal of the research is to generate solutions that can be harnessed to ensure that the incidences of rape are minimized. This will be attained by continually reducing the assaults from the society to street children by all means as well as to reduce the number of street children who are living street lives (‘Resources,’ 2019). The core aim of the research is to see to it that these unethical acts have declined significantly and follow up to ensure that these victims restore their emotional, social as well as economic wellness in addition to emotional support.

The study will harness both correlational as well as photographic study techniques. This will entail full observation of these street children in their living places to unearth the reasons as to why they have been traumatized in society (‘Resources,’ 2019). A sample of the entire community of street kids will be researched for a specific duration with the target of unearthing every detail about their lives, how they socialize with the community as well as the effectiveness of both night and day protection. Information gathering will entail interviewing the victims, the entire society as well as society medical practitioners. Other methods will include capturing several street kids through photos and videos and putting down the findings (2019). The analysis and interpretation of the gathered information will be done via machines as well as panel discussions, which will give a framework through which the evidence can be transferred to the local authorities.

As a nurse in the medical field, I will be in a position to describe give a helping hand to these street children by fighting for their rights through drafting a proposal. By forwarding this bill to the authorities, it will eventually be passed to law and secure the rights of the concerned (2019). Not only will this bill advocate for the rights of such kids, but will also expand to include the rights to proper academic education in addition to appropriate parental guidance. The involvement of the society in the study will open the ways to protect the kids from sexual assaults and also learn the channels to use to report such circumstances.

The entire process will take place four months were gathering, analyzing, as well as interpretation of data will be made (2019). The findings, as well as the conclusions, will be drafted for further legislative actions. An expenditure of $600 will be incurred in shooting videos, traveling expense, photographs, information analysis as well as a personal expense by the researchers.

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Florida Council Against Sexual Violence. (2021, Feb 10). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/florida-council-against-sexual-violence/

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