Focus 3-4

According to researchers, when you are ____, you are in the best state for learning:
intrinsically motivated
According to researchers, students learn best when they are:
relaxed and alert
When you become so absorbed in what you are doing that you lose track of everything else, you are in a state that researchers call:
According to the text, you can learn better if you use confusion as a:
stressor motivator
If you learn through symbolic representations, then your learning style is:

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If you learn through hearing, then your learning style is:
If you decide to learn how to sew by buying a book, then your learning style is likely:
If you decided to learn how to sew by getting out a needle and thread, then your learning style is likely:
Of the choices below, which is a strategy for improving your linguistic intelligence?
rewrite your class notes
Metacognition does not include:
Being told how and what to learn.
In order to study material in a short amount of time, you should:
Read, write, listen and speak the material.
…Judgers prefer ____ while Perceivers prefer ____.
organization; spontaneity
If Jack, an aural learner, has to give someone directions to find a certain office on campus, he will likely:
Tell her directions
According to Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner, people can be intelligent in at least how many ways?
Most college classes emphasize which VARK modality
According to researchers, the three primary intelligences of community college students are
intrapersonal, interpersonal, and bodily-kinesthetic
If you learn through symbolic representations, then your learning style is:
We acquire most of our information through:
Succeeding in school, at work, and in life is about what you do and
what gets done
Time management is not just about managing time, but also managing your:
To capture a “killer B”, you should:
Write it down on paper
Physical energy is measured in terms of:
You can’t control time, but you can manage your:
Emotional energy is measured in terms of:
According to Michael Fortino, the average American spends ____ year(s) in meetings.
According to the text, ____ of college students admit to procrastinating.
Research shows that the average adult requires ____ hours of sleep each night.
7-8 hours
You are least productive when you are operating with ____ energy:
low negative
According to the text, in the A-B-C method, “A” tasks are:
the highest priority
The two factors to consider when assigning a priority level to a to-do item are:
importance and urgency
Your credit history is based on
How many credit cards you owe money on
How much money you owe
How many late payments you make
Which study habit is not linked to procrastination?
Someone who compulsively beats the clock is a:
Which of these is not an example of how students waste time?
saying no
The three primary areas of our lives that should be in balance are:
Meaningful work, satisfying relationship, healthy lifestyle
If you are techflexing, you are:
Using technology and its flexibility to your advantage
To rebalance our lives, we should:
Alternate your focus
Outsource some responsibilities
Bundle responsibilities
Which of the following is a good tip for managing your time?
turn off your cell phone
learn to say no
keep track of what distracts or derails you
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