"Fools" by Neil Simon's Essay

I went and saw the play “Fools” by Neil Simon’s - "Fools" by Neil Simon's Essay introduction. Here is a summary of the play that I went and watched and enjoyed. The play is set a long time ago in the Russian village. The current people are living under a 200 year-old curse that has rendered generations of townsfolk stupid. Or so they seem to think. They are aware enough to know they’re stupid so just how dumb can they be? And, they know enough to realize that the curse can be broken and they know enough to look forward to the day when the fog lifts and they can finally be as smart as the rest of the world. Leon Tolchinsky in search of the Zubritsky family who advertised for someone to educate their daughter, Sophia. At first, Leon seems overwhelmed by the task , especially when he learns that the curse extends to anyone who stays in town longer than 24 hours. The clock starts ticking as Leon realizes he is developing feelings for Sophia and he is committed to saving her by breaking the curse without falling victim to it himself and winning the hand of his lady-love.

The complication is that the curse can only be broken if Sophia marries the evil Count Gregor and so far she’s been smart enough to his advances. But as with all good curses, there has to be a loophole and it is that which Leon goes in search. Overall naturally Leon falls for Sophia and everything goes back to normal. No one is still cursed by the “stupid”. Basically, that is what the play is about. I truthfully loved the play. It was humorous, sarcastic, spunky, and just all around a good play to watch and to also have something to lighten your self up to. It was a very good way to have a lot of laughter. I would recommend it to anyone.

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