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Forbidden Love: Tales of Beauty and the Beast



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    Forbidden love has caught the eye in most movies of our day. For starters, Shrek and Twilight. Shrek is an ugly, lonely and anti-social ogre that finds love with a beautiful princess, Fiona. In Twilight, Edward, a blood sucking Vampire, sees more than just blood in a girl named Bella. Both these movies have the concept of forbidden love. Even though they love each other, these lovers cannot be for their differences in species. Shrek is what people refer to as an ogre. An ogre is a monster.

    When Shrek saves Fiona from the dragon guarded castle, he is doing more than just saving a human princes, he is tampering with the reality of a picture perfect rescue like in the movie. Ogre’s are meant to be in swamps and covered in mud. A prince is suppose to slay the dragon and return to the kingdom with the princess. An Ogre Suck as Shrek is more of the monster being slayed than the fairytale hero(Shrek). When Fiona realizes that an Ogre saved her life, she was more than distraught. As the story progresses she becomes fonder of the grueling green blob that saved her life.

    Shrek at first also did not think much of Fiona. He was doing this deed to get back his swamp. Towards the end he realizes that she is what he really needs in his life. Their love was more than forbidden, the ogre itself was forbidden. Both of Fiona’s parents were appalled at the “thing” that she fell in love with. Shrek’s and Fiona’s love was to the highest degree forbidden because of their difference in species. The other side of the forbidden love was the star-crossed lovers, Edward and Bella.

    Edward is the hot mysterious “human”(actually a vampire), that caught the eye of fair Bella. Instantly she becomes attached to him. What a cute couple, Edward and Bella. Little does she know how different he is. In the movie, a car is out of control spinning at Bella. Before she gets hit, Edward appears and saves her from sure death. After this incident, Bella learns the real Edward, a blood sucking vampire(Twilight). His bloody taste for Bella never keeps them apart though. Edward has self control for his new love. He shows that a monster can truly love a human.

    Despite his rage for blood and the forbiddeness of it, their love always keeps them together. Love happens to everyone, even in the most odd of circumstances. Without the green slob or the blood thirsty vampire, Fiona would be digesting inside a 400 ton beast and Bella would be across some highway, dead. A monster falling in love with a human is very much forbidden. It is not accepted in society and mixes two worlds in the confusion of love as the Beauty and the Beast theme. Even though they love each other, these lovers cannot be for their differences in species.

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