Forest Hills High School Laura Yusupova Essay

Forest Hills High SchoolLaura YusupovaEnglish 5/14/04Lord of the Flies by William Golding, shows how “evil often triumphs,but never conquers”. Through out the novel, evil wins battle after battle,however, in the end it loses the war. Lord of the Flies is a perfectexample proving this statement true. There are constant battles betweengood and evil in characters.

The most obvious character that is frequently faced with thesebattles is Jack. In the beginning of the book he is portrayed as evil, yet,there is still righteousness in him.

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The first time that he encounters thepig, he is not able to kill it; he has to use the mask to set him apartfrom civilization in order to be a successful hunter. The mask symbolizessavageness, which is why Jack is able to slaughter the pigs. The reason forhunting and killing the pigs is very rational. The boys don’t just do itfor sport they use the pigs as a source of food. Jack gradually becomesmore and more aggressive; his interactions with the other boys changedramatically.

An example of this change is his relationship with Piggy. Hestarts out by making fun of him; he then progresses to taking physicalactions. He punches Piggy knocking Piggy’s glasses off and almost breakingthem. Later in the novel he steals Piggy’s glasses leaving him virtuallyblind. The glasses symbolizes life; they helped the boys start a fire onthe island. The fire is very important because it’s a source of warmth,light, it could be used to prepare food, and a way of getting rescued. Inaddition Jack scares the little children into believing that there is a”beast” on the island. Being in charge of the hunters, he assures them thatthey would hunt down the beast on kill him. The fear of the beast lures theboys into Jack’s tribe. Another way Jack got their support, was bribe, heorganizes a feast to tempt the boys into his tribe. These are all examplesof evil triumphing in Jack’s character, but in the end evil never conquers.

Jack is returned into a civilized state. William Golding does a great jobdescribing Jack in the end of his novel. Jack is the only one that isdescribed standing with his black cap that is left from his uniform. He isleft holding the remains of Piggy’s glasses. The cap and the glassessymbolize order and society. Jack and the rest of the boys are returnedinto a society where their new style of living would have to turn back tonormalcy.

Another character that is faced with battles between good and evil isRalph. Ralph and the hunters are attacked by a wild boar. Ralph is the onlyone who to has a chance to wound the boar, Jack on the other hand, gets outof the way. Ralph later tries to use this incident to get respect from theboys. The pride that Ralph takes shows evil slowly progressing in Ralph’scharacter. Another occurrence that shows evil triumphing in Ralph is whenthe hunting game turns violent and the boys attack Robert. Robert is usedto act out the pig. Ralph, like everyone else, wants to hurt Robert,luckily no one is killed. The next time that this game is played, the wholegroup, including Ralph attacked Simon. Everyone was aware that Simon wasnot the “beast”; nonetheless, they did not stop themselves from attackinghim. Ralph was the only one to acknowledge that they Simon death was not anaccident, but a murder, this one example that shows the goodness winningthe war in Ralph’s character.

In the end, evil never conquers the boys, ironically, it seems thatevil is on the verge of winning. The boys get rescued from the hell thatthe created and are returned to “normalcy”.

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