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Forest Scralet Letter And Dimmsedale

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The forest a great place of evil.

The story of the Scarlet Letter and Goodamn Brown bolth portray the forest as being evil according to Puritan society.

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Forest Scralet Letter And Dimmsedale
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According to the Puritans anything that had to do with great freedom was evil. They were a very strict people, and had many rules. The people belived that everuthing that gave them hiding from their lords judgment was evil. They wanted evil to suffer during their life , and to not commit sins. By this belief it was thought that people might get lucky and go to heaven.

In the Scarlet Letter the forest is portrayed as a very evil place. It is a plce where people could hide from their judgment of the Puritans. For Hester it was a place where she could relax, and take off the A. By the judgment of the Puritans Hester was never allowed to take off her A. In the forest Hetser has the power to express her true feeling, and to enjoy her life.

She does this without the Puritans of the town judging her. The forest lets her do whatever she wants in it, and not be seen or punished for it by the Puritans. To the Puritans an act like that would be very sinnester, and would receive great punishment. A true Puritan according to their law should never endulge themselves. The forest hid these aspects of Hester from the Puritans, and allowed for lots of freedom. Which made it evil to the Puritan people.

For Dimmesdale the forest was a place where he could get away from the Puritans. In the forest he commited many things that would be consider very evil by the Puritans. The forest let him express his true quilt anou the letter. Also it let him be the person he was, and no the pure preacher. In the forest he met with the people who he should of never talked to in town. He met Hester and his child Pearl their. Hester and pearl being very evil according to the Puritans had to talk to Dimmsedale in the forest to hide their true relationship. To the Puritans the idea that a preacher would do those things would be uncomprehendable. In the forest they were protected by the fear that the Puritans had of the forest. If the Puritans ever found out what Dimmsedale did in the forest it would back up their belife that the forest is evil. Words/ Pages : 407 / 24

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