Forestry Lab #2 - Part 2 - Laboratory Essay Example

Forestry Lab #2

Tree Identification


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Please refer to the provided website ( to identify the trees for the following leaves.  The hardest items to determine from a picture are whether or not the leaves are smooth or toothed, and whether or not there are thorns on a branch. You might try selecting both options as you review each in order to compare choices – some trees can be very similar.  These photos are from this site, so your final selection should match theirs identically. Remember to upload and submit this assignment for grading when it is completed.

Fill in the following table for the 6 broadleaf samples below (starting on Page 2).

Sample #
Compound or Simple?
Notes on Other Characteristics:  Opposite or Alternate? Margin? Leaflet? Lobed? Doubly compound? Other Notes:
Common Name & (Scientific name)

the leaves have individual leaflets
alternate – stems alternate on branch (11 – 15 leaflets)

with ½” unbranched thorns

rounded and smooth margins
Black Locust

Robinia pseudoacacia

leaves have one blade
smooth margins

½” long straight thorns
Osage Orange

Maclura Pomifera

leaves have one blade
lobed leaves – alternate pattern

rounded margins
White Oak

Quercus alba

leaves have one blade
3-lobed leaves – opposite pattern

sharp angled margins
Red Maple

Acer rubrum

the leaves have individual leaflets
opposite- stems meet on branch


pointy margins

Acer negundo

the leaves have individual leaflets
alternate – 5 – 9 leaflets

smooth margins
Shagbark Hickory

Carya ovata

















































More information on Tree identification & lessons you can do at home!

Look around your neighborhood and try to identify local trees.  Make a tree/leaf I.D. journal and collect leaf samples in a photo album. Make observations and note leaf characteristics in the journal/album.

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