Forever Friends: an Organization that Helps the Elderly

Forever Friends is a non-profit organization that provides companionship to elderly individuals in low income urban areas. The ultimate goal for the organization is to build a brand that stands for trust, outstanding service, and respect. In order to be successful in our brand building we must develop a strategic plan that reflects the company’s vision and creates a map that directs the company in the right direction.

Through analysis of the current and future strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats the company will be able to develop a successful strategic plan that will endure the market changes ND will maintain the company’s vision. The strategic plan clearly states how you plan to accomplish your objectives and goals as specified in the business plan. With great planning our company will make better informed decisions on marketing, expanding customer base, and cost reductions. This plan will help in determining what will be our competitive advantage.

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We want to own a position in the market and having a well planned and executed strategy would make this happen. Our Mission We seek elderly individuals or people with special needs who lack support room family and/or friends and provide them with companions. Through these relationships we provide emotional support and work to create a more positive optimistic environment for them. We are their second family and work hard to develop trusting, dependable and genuine relationships with our clients. This mission statement is important because it is the ultimate foundation to the success of our company.

Our clients are vulnerable due to the lack of support that is normally received from a family member or friend, so it is imperative that we provide a service in which they can trust and depend on. Without family visits or attention, the elderly may fall into a depression, or feel all alone. A big part of any elder care program is to give emotional support. Studies show that this can improve life expectancy by several years, and create a more positive and optimistic environment for the aged (La Jolly, Bernard, and Santa Fee, (2011 Para 4).

The main ingredient which will set our company apart from any competitors is the genuine care that they will receive. Our employees are well trained and hand-picked to ensure that they truly believe in our company’s mission. Since we are a non-profit organization our mission statement is our communication tool that will drive interest in our organization and assist in the achievement of our noble goals, Francine (2008, Para 2). Vision Statement Forever Friends Vision: To make the future brighter for the elderly and those with special needs by providing them with a lifelong support system.

The vision statement communicates to our employees, clients, and potential clients that our sole purpose is to build a lasting relationship with our clients through trust, compassion, and respect. This aligns directly with our mission statement which states that we are aiming to become a second family member to our clients and through excellent service and compassionate genuine “friends” (employees) we can provide that lifelong support they need.

To perform at our full potential here are 5 key strategic and financial objectives which will help our company reach its goal of developing a strong brand which would lead to a competitive advantage. 5 Key Objectives Increase annual donations by 40 percent By increasing our donations by 40 percent we will be able to serve the immunity better by increasing our staff numbers to serve more clients. We would also be able to implement other programs which would also benefit our clients. We have two programs that we would like to kick off.

The first program is the Senior Tech program which teaches our clients the basics on how to operate a computer and how to surf the internet. The other program focuses on building self-esteem through grooming (hair styling, make-up, and clothing). Increase client satisfaction rates by 20 percent Increasing client satisfaction would reflect that our mission and vision are being purported by our staff. This will show that we are on the right track to gaining that competitive advantage that we hope to gain. Dominate the market through quality of customer service Our service sets us apart from our competition. As a result of our strategically planned hiring practices we will be able to dominate the market by giving our clients an experience that they feel they cannot get from our current competitors. Increase the amount staff and clients by 20 % An increase in staff would allow for the company to serve more clients. In order o provide excellent service stated in our mission our employees cannot be overwhelmed.

So as we increase our clients we will need to increase our staff to properly care for them. Increase employee satisfaction rates by 20 percent Just as important as it is for our clients to be satisfied so should our staff members. In order for our business to be successful it greatly depends on the care that the staff members give. If they are not happy then our clients will suffer. Through an increase in donations, staff, clients, and overall client and staff satisfaction we will be able to reach our organizational strategic goals.

Because the success of our business relies on the service that the client receives we would invest time and resources in hiring the right people for the job. Once we have empathy and compassion on board in the organization, we can support the client experience with service scripts and use personal empathy and compassion to build a connection with the client Bosses (2012, Para 4). It is harder to teach a person warmth and altruism of helping others and with the use our evaluative techniques we will be able to choose the appropriate staff that will support our mission and vision.

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