Forgotton fair

As I thought my way through the growing darkness overcame me - Forgotton fair introduction. The wind and mist blocked everything out. I couldn’t believe that this was the place I once used to visit that was so full of life. Bright illuminous lights used to welcome you in and now all that welcomed you was a sign half fallen off, paint chipped and over grown weeds. The funfair sign was demolished. I pushed open the rusty old gate it clanked as though it was about to fall off its hinges. I smelt my hands. They smelt foul. It was a rotten rusty smell. I wiped them on my jeans and looked into the darkness. I saw litter everywhere.

I sighed and looked down at my feet. There was an abandoned teddy bear laying there. It was colourless, lifeless. It once was pink but now a faded yellowy brown colour. It was dirty. As I looked beyond the fog, I felt so lonely. This places once full of joy, lights, laughter now so abandoned. As I walked up to the burger stand I touched the counter. It was dusty and mouldy. I could smell a faint smell of onions. I looked over the counter and there was a box full of unused rotting onions, which had just been left there. Some other kids must have been here before because the whole place was cover in graffiti.

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I walked down a familiar path remembering all of the beautiful flowers which used to be here. They were now dead, all bent and flat. I looked up. There it was my favourite ride ‘The Rollercoaster’. I walked though the area where you used to queue. All of the fences which separated it had toppled over. A gust of wind rushed past me nearly losing my balance. Then it went back to silence and rustling or the leaves. I walked on to the ride having to clamber over the electrical sign of ‘the rollercoaster’ which now had no power flowing through it, leaving it lifeless and dull.

As I reached out to the first cart I touched the bar. It felt so rough and uneven and was black and orange with rust. On all of the carts there was more graffiti where people had been playing around thinking its funny. The whole ride had been vandalised. I pushed a button and the carts and track made a groaning noise as it was dying to move but it couldn’t. As I looked dup a piece of the track was hanging off, I thought it was going to break and plummet to the ground taking me with it. As I turned to walk away I could smell a faint smell of petrol and oil.

I took a glimpse back and it flashed before me: the ride when it was full of life. The bright red, yellows and blues of the lights drawing your attention in, while the fair ground music bellowed throughout the whole park. The screams and laughter of the kids and adults, cameras flashing of families capturing the joyful screams as the rides whizzed by. I knew it was just my imagination so I looked away and carried on walking. I carried on my way through the park visualising how it had on been. Now I had to watch where I was walking, litter and dirt surrounded me.

I could once again smell the rotten onions, almost too much to breathe. I opened my mouth and took a great big gasp. All I could do taste was the rotten foods, grease and chemicals smells all mixed together, I heaved and had to turn away. I walked over to my favourite game at the fair, ‘The coconut shy’. The sign still looked intact although the colour had faded a bit. It had a rain sheet covering the front of it. I ripped it down and it took my breath away with what was there before me. I gasped and a feeling of happiness and relief overcame me.

The coconut sky was prefect. The coconuts all laid out properly. Even the ball was all there still, with all of the cuddly toys hanging up. All had lost a bit of colour. I climbed over the counter. I dusted my bum off it was covered in dust. I picked up a ball and threw it at the coconut. I hit it! ‘YES’ I screamed out loud. And it fell to the floor. Although I walked back over to pick it up, I placed it back how it was as I scanned the stall. I saw a little teddy in a glass box. I picked it up, and grabbed a cloth near by me and wiped it clean.

There was am immaculately clean green teddy bear. It looked exactly like it should have when the fair was running. The box wouldn’t open. I prised it open with my bitten finer nails, and pulled the little bear out and shoved it in my bag. As I climbed back over the counter there was a brief grin on my face. I put the rain cover back up to protect it once again. As I walked away from the coconut shy I thought about the whole fair. I headed back to the gate. I heard a massive bang. It sounded like an explosion.

I jumped and swung around, seeing that part of the track on the rollercoaster had fallen to the ground. I just looked on and smiled. I was happy that one part of it was still alive. But now everyday after school I decided I would come to the fair and I paint the coconut shy, and restored it to its former glory, and every so often when me and my friends have nothing to do we might come here and play a game. Although it is ruined at least one part remains. I also kept that teddy bear I found that day. It sits on my bed. No one knows where I got it from still.

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