Formal Proposal Submission Assignment Essay

Formal Proposal Submission Assignment Go to the https://fbo - Formal Proposal Submission Assignment Essay introduction. gov 1. Search for an opportunities within a 90 day period and select any opportunity of your choice 2. Include the solicitation Number and Contract Award date 3. Submit a formal written proposal in response to the opportunity that you have selected. Evaluation Criteria Technical merit is substantially more important than price in determining who will be included in the competitive range.

As proposals become more technically equal, price will take on greater significance. The Government will select the top 3-5 Offers, considering the following evaluation criteria, listed in descending order of importance. * Technical Approach * Subject Matter Knowledge * Key Staff and Other Resources * Past Performance * Cost Written Proposal Format and Instructions Written Proposal Format Your written proposal must not exceed 25 pages in length and include the items below. 1 Page Cover Letter * Technical Approach must not exceed 10 pages * Resumes should be provided for the key staff that you are proposing * 3 Past Performance references. Each reference must include a point of contact and contact information. * Description of any proposed teaming partners and subcontractors * Your proposal should evidence your capabilities, as well as your proposed partners’ capabilities. The format of your entire proposal must use standard margins with the font size greater than 10 points (e. g. , 11 point or 12 point font is acceptable) to include all attachments. Instructions Please note that there must be no communication with the client regarding this initiative until a selection has been made. This includes any potential teaming partners and subcontractors. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Any questions or concerns must be addressed to the instructor.

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