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Formative Assessment Essay

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Running head: FORMATIVE 1 Formative Assessment Activities Paper
Phillip Quintana
March 9, 2015
As a store manager, there are decisions that need to make that may not always please the customer or employees but will protect the store from legal implications. These decisions may be reflected based on discrimination laws or ethical decisions. However, there are times when the decision that needs to be made should be aligned with laws and policies that are outlined in the company. This analysis will address the laws and ethical issues that surround the scenario that surrounds the customer preference and employee at the store.

The first thing that needs to be analyzed is the customer preference. Even through the Imelda is well known, and is promising to make a large purchase this could be very profitable not only for the store but also the employee who collects the commission. However, the preference of having a female sales associate, when the male associate is clearly assigned to the job duties at the time is a case that is subject to gender discrimination.

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Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, prohibits discrimination in hiring, firing, training, promotion, discipline, or other workplace decisions based an employee or applicant’s race, color, gender,
National origin or religion (Bennet-Alexander, 2007). Customer Preference is not a legitimate and protected reason to treat otherwise-qualified employees differently based on gender. (Bennet-Alexender, 2007). If the store manager where to give the customer her request, and then he would be acknowledging gender discrimination. Bob is the store manager, and although the customer many not intentionally mean to discriminate, while expressing her preference it is Bob’s job to explain the policy.
The next factor that needs to be analyzed is the store policy. The company has guidelines on the rotation of how employees…

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