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Formative assessment

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There are two types of assessment, formal and informal. When a candidate is being formally assessed, questions may be asked or they may be asked to take a test, the candidate therefore is fully aware of being assessed. During an informal assessment, e. G. During an observation while carrying out their duties, the candidate may not be aware that they are being assessed.

A trainer may use a number of different methods in these types of assessment, below are some examples: Formal Informal Written driving exam Observation of driving skills Exam Project work Practical demonstrations Question and answer sessions As a trainer and during practical sessions of the course would consider using demonstrations, question and answer sessions, observations or involve candidates in discussion groups.

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Formative assessment
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I believe that by using a variety of methods I would get an all round perspective of what the candidates have learned.

Using group sessions encourages individual contribution, while allowing the candidates to support one another There may be times when it is more practical to set a test or assign a project to assess the level of knowledge and understanding of an individual.

I believe that this is the best way of assessing to see if the candidate has actually learnt what they are supposed to learn and they are not hiding behind a misinterpretation of information given, or lack of knowledge, both of which may be easy to do when working in large group sessions.

The three types of assessment records that I would complete are: Initial Assessments Formative Assessments Summation Assessments As a trainer I would carry out an initial assessment when a candidate registers on a course, the purpose of which would be to assess the candidate for suitability to he course, suitability of entrance level, ability of the candidate to attend, given work/home commitments. This information would form the basis of a learning and development plan that I would develop for the candidate.

As part of the Initial assessment candidates are required to complete a basic skills/functional skills test for literacy and innumeracy, the results of these tests are fed back to the candidate and where necessary they will be offered information, help and support to improve their basic skills/functional skills. Throughout the course, a candidates progress can be checked by carrying out formative assessment.

The length of the course would determine the most appropriate time at which the assessment would take place, but my personal choice would be within the first 4 to 6 weeks. If necessary and time permitting, I would carry out one further assessment towards the end of the course. I would provide appropriate feedback to the candidate in a one to one discussion and give the candidate an opportunity raise any concerns they may have. At the end of the course or training session a summation assessment should take place.

This is so that we can see that the course aim has been completed and that the candidate has achieved their objectives in gaining the knowledge and understanding as intended. As a trainer it is important that I keep accurate records of all discussions, meetings and assessment results undertaken with candidates and that they are kept current, up to date and confidential. Awarding bodies will need to be kept informed of a candidate’s attendance and completion of the course, as will the candidates employers, particularly where funding has been granted.

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