Fourth Volume in the Imaro Saga Published Essay

Longtime friend of TGR, Charles R - Fourth Volume in the Imaro Saga Published Essay introduction. Saunders, has just had the fourth book in his Imaro series published by Sword & Soul. Originally written 25 years ago, Imaro: The Naama War is in print for the first time ever.  Since returning to fantasy writing four years ago, Charles has updated his first three Imaro books that were published by DAW in the early 1980’s; two were published by Night Shade Books and the third by Sword & Soul. But this fourth volume is completely new and closes out the first chapter of Imaro’s life with a big throw-down with his arch-nemesis Bohu. Also of special interest to Howard fans, is the dedication of the book to our late friend Steve Tompkins.  So don’t waste anytime my fellow sword brothers and sisters, head on over to and get your copy of this fast paced S&S novel in the tradition of Robert E. Howard.

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Fourth Volume in the Imaro Saga Published
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