Frankenstein Essay


(A) Victor Frankenstein:

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When Victor was young he was interested in knowledge and studying. Soon after his mother died giving birth He went to Ingolstadt, Germany to go to a university. He was a strong good looking man with reddish hair and a short beard; He didn’t have much of a sociable life he’s just studied. At the university he quickly became obsessed with science.
(B) Henry Clerval:

Frankenstein’s best friend from medical school, he seamed a little queasy for a medical student. A good looking follows with shoulder leanth dark hair. He doesn’t show much interest in becoming a Doctor.

(C) Elizabeth

Frankenstein’s fiancee and adoptive sister, she has a playful side, tall good looking women with reddish hair.

(D) William Frankenstein

Victor’s younger brother. The Monster takes his revenge on his creator by killing him in the woods when he is about 5 years old

(E) Justine Moritz

A young pretty blond girl about 20 who works for the Frankenstein’s. Accused of Henry’s murder, she is hanged without a trial
The Monster Victor Frankenstein’s Creation

He is the true outcast of society, only because of his appearance and though he has the intelligence of a smart man, he isn’t allowed into society. After many attempts to gain the trust of humans, the monster finally resolves to take out his anger and misery on mankind, particularly his creator, Victor. To carry out his vengeance, the beast kills Victor’s closest friends and family, and ultimately makes sure that Frankenstein is dead himself. At the conclusion of the story, the beast is dies with his creator.
Victor -Creature
As soon as the monster comes to life, Victor is filled with intense disgust. Victor had thought the creature had been hanged and was dead and the creature was thinking Victor had abandoned him and sought revenge.

Victor – Elizabeth

The conflict between Victor & Elizabeth arises mostly from Victor working constantly


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