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Another way to prevent people from coming to the server or network, For example if e have important information it will go through a router then you will have a firewall this will prevent people from interring are network. Also every employee in the company as a CAT card, A CAT card as a pin number associate with every employee. This pin number allow you access the computer and also getting in the building but the mean point with the CAT card allow you to access computer and emails.

By this will let the company know whom using the computer and access the web and emails.

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It prevents dishonesty with the company. Now getting that out the way I will explain what I do for work. Work for the government in IT, as a Part Timer. Every morning getting in my building I use My CAT card to enter the building, then I start my day. My occupation is information system, I will begin off with information system, and my obligations are figure out what the association needs in a system and PC framework before it is situated up.

Additionally introduce all system equipment and programming that need overhaul and repairs before the each one comes in. Additionally keep up the system and PC framework security and guarantee that all framework is working accurately. I gather information keeping in mind the end goal to assess the system or framework execution and help improve the framework work and speedier. I set and add clients to a system and allocate and overhaul security authorizations on the system. L also help employer with any problems that they have with their computer and server by that time it time for me to go home but that’s what I do Monday through Friday and some days Saturday too.

It’s not as long as wanted it to be but I will go over what I want to learn in IT and my career path for me. What I’m trying to learn programmer C+ + TCP/IP network. Also I want to learn anytime of network security programs. I’m trying to become a cyber security for my job in future. I know I need to the follow requirement to become a cyber security If you’d like to train to become a cyber security specialist, you should obtain a 4-year bachelor’s degree in computer programming, computer science, information science or computer engineering. English, statistics and mathematics courses will be needed as well.

In some instances, according to the US. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLESS), relevant work experience combined with certification may be sufficient for employment (www. Bless. Gob). At a few colleges, you can select in authentication programs in digital security, which offer classes, for example, working frameworks, biometrics ideas, system barrier and propelled security. They may likewise offer a course in Comps Tia Security+ Certification-Associates degree training may consist f subjects such as operating system security, computer forensics, security procedures, network security applications, encryption and fundamentals of information security.

A bachelor’s degree program will include classes such as advanced computer security and advanced operating systems. Additionally, it might include studies in programming, principles of software engineering, criminal justice, mathematics, technical writing, and computer forensics and network security. This is what I need to do to get there I’m so far on the right track.

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