Free Sample Ideas of Speeches

Use my free sample of speeches and speech outlines to inspire you and help you craft your own presentation! - Free Sample Ideas of Speeches introduction!

Make a note of what you find appealing/interesting about these speeches and apply the same tactics to your own work. You may also like to use the formats as a guide, to ensure your own speech flows smoothly and logically.


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I would truly love if you sent in your own free speech sample to inspire others that visit here! If this is something you would like to do just scroll to the bottom of the page and send it on in.

Here’s my growing “free sample of speeches” list – I hope you find them useful!

Informative Speech Samples:


Hybrid Animals

Childhood Obesity

How Humor Heals

Global Warming Speech

Persuasive Speech Samples on:

Getting Civil

Gender Selection

Energy Medicine


A Persuasive Speech ; Outline

Banning Secondhand Smoke

Mandatory School Uniform Policy



Using Cell Phones Whilst Driving

School Speech Samples:

High School Graduation Speech (1)

High School Graduation Speech (2)

University/College Graduation Sample Speech

Sample Speech by a Graduate from Teacher Training College

Valedictorian Sample Speech

Sample Graduation Speech

A Christian Speech from a Homeschool Graduate

Student Council Speech (1)

Student Council Speech (2)

Persuasive Speech about Bullying

Demonstration Speech Samples and Outlines

Outline of Scrapbooking Demonstration Speech

Demonstrative Speech Outline of Dog Grooming

Video of a Good Demonstration Speech

Controversial Speech Samples on:

Attorney-Client Privilege

Children and Cell Phones

Wedding Speech Samples:

Father of the Groom Speech

Free Best Man Speech

Funny Best Man Speech

Free Maid of Honor Speech

Father of the Bride Speech

Mother of the Groom Speech

Mother of the Bride Speech

Maid of Honour Speech (funny)

Maid of Honor Speech (sentimental)

Miscellaneous Speech Samples:

Eulogy Speech Sample

Free Retirement Speech

Free Welcome Speech

50th Birthday Speech

40th Birthday Speech

Farewell Speech

Sample Retirement Speech

Funeral Speech

Free Birthday Speech

Motivational Speech Sample: Motivational Speech

There you have it! All the free sample of speeches offered here at If you are so inclined please feel free to fill in the form below and send in samples of your own speeches to show off your genius!

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