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Frequent Rise In Involvement of Cloud Computing In Commercial Sector

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  • Pages 3
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    Cloud an interesting database carrier which is far away from cumbersome physical connections and is mostly virtual. It can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, also removes various intermediaries. In this IT revolution of 21st century, cloud is one of the best gifts from various research and development teams of the world. But still cloud computing is at it’s testing phase and requires more research and innovation, recently Microsoft invested about 9.6 billion dollar for their research and development project specifically to the field of cloud computing.

    As Cloud computing have various features of earlier models like client-server and other prominent one as well. Since it is a new technology and therefore, will definitely have various numbers of anomalies as well. After frequent rise in involvement of cloud computing in commercial sector, it was observed that it has certain security issues by the side of service providers, as they are the one who can detect your data and use for various kinds of unfair means. Companies like Google (providing Google drive services), Microsoft (providing one drive services), etc, are providing free services up to certain limit. But they are actually storing everything with the use of highly diplomatic legal forms and social engineered permission granting method. Actually cloud computing makes data capturisation very easy and convenient as shown in figure.

    Recent scam which is mainly ongoing and rarely gets raised by whistle blower of that cloud computing company employee only, one of the popular case was in Amazon cloud service program. Still cloud computing technology’s ability to get access of data everywhere is both boon and bane especially for top multinational businesses, this great technology need less maintenance and higher usability but it also need to be safe as the data is the new money and every single consumer wants that their service provider didn’t cheat them. But this type of guarantee assurance in this era is not feasible.This technology will definitely benefit those of IT and business giants and interestingly new start-ups whether to buy and maintain high infrastructure of old services or buy a new semi-virtual technology, with no responsibility of maintenance and backups, just need to pay some amount and get busy with their competitors.

    Cloud computing main trendy uses are Saas(software as a service), paas(platform as a service), iaas(infrastructure as a service) and various are other special kind of services by this technology. Now when a client can easily use a software on remotely basis through it’s internet browser is sounds like unbelievable but requires high internet which is nowdays easy to find, so it is like miracle accomplishment. Similarly using any platform on remotely base for software development is also looks impossible but it is possible through this new technology as shown in figure 2. The list doesn’t ends here a client can also use infrastructure as a service which was one of the expensive field in IT sector, now clients can work with extreme computational power and with top quality hardware without worrying about their maintenance or even buying them. This special feature of Iaas definitely something that boosted start-ups environment at exponential rate. But the issue is all that is your service provider is that ethical and responsible in maintaining secrecy.


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