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Freshwater Shapes the Middle East

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Fresh water is very important to the Middle East, whatever the form of it is. It helps to keep farm lands fertile. If the land in not “naturally” fertile, it helps so farmers may irrigate their crops. Rivers are one vital source of freshwater, along with rainfall, and ground water.

Rivers are a vital resource ot the Middle East. The Nile River forms a narrow, fertile, strip that runs through the Sahara Desert. This is important, because the desert is so hot and dry, the river provides a source of water.

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Freshwater Shapes the Middle East
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Rivers can also help farmers irrigate their crops, if there is inadequate rainfall.

Neolithic farmers did have to irrrigate their crops due to inadequate rainfall. The Fertile Cresent, which is along the Mediterranean coast, receives an adequate amount of rainfall. This is important because the Fertile Cresent provides a fertile plain that can support agricultural, due to the rainfall in the Middle East, over 3/4 receives less than ten inches of rain per year.

The summer months are dry because the rain would come in winter, causing farmers to irrigate their crops. Although the annual flooding replenished the soil it removed important boundary markers.

Groundwater is extremely important to the Middle East. Ground water is important because it gives farmers fertile land where there is not ground water or fertile land, so farmers can irrigate it to their land. It is the water below the ground in soil pore spaces and rock formations.

In conclusion, we see just how important freshwater is the Middle East. The rivers help farmers irrigate their crops. Rainfall provides for fertile soil, and replenishes farm land, when it floods. Groundwater helps keep farm land fertile. Whatever the form, freshwater is the source of farm life in the Middle East.

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