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Friends Old and New

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Friends are a very important part of life. Friends are there to comfort, to laugh and to make memories with. If I did not have my friends, I would not make it through the day. I always have a friend around, but sometimes some people are more of a friend than others. There are best friends, good friends and acquaintances in everyone’s life.

Good friends are great to have also. I have a lot of good friends. My good friends are usually there for me when I need them also.

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Friends Old and New
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They are fun to be around and they make me laugh. I do not share all of my secrets with my good friends. I tell them a lot of things, but not everything. I do not feel as comfortable with my good friends, as I do my best friend. Also, I do not hang out with my good friends near as much as I do my best friend. I hang out with my good friends every weekend, or maybe even less than that sometimes.

Good friends are a great thing to have. Old friends are more trust-worthy than new friends. When people are in trouble, they can always turn to their old friends for help. For example, my childhood friend, Tom, is really a kind-hearted person. Once I lost my money during a trip to Europe, he borrowed 500 dollars to me without any hesitation. Only through this experience do I understand the true meaning of the phrase a friend in need is a friend indeed. Also, the longer people know a friend, the more considerate that friend will be.

New-made friendships are just like new wine, and it is age that mellows and refines it. Old friends know much more about each other, such as each other’s favorite food, best-loved movies, or even secrets that they do not want others to know. Thus, people feel more comfortable with their old friends. Secondly, cultivating a genuine friendship needs time. For instance, individuals need time to know each other, to build shared memories and to invest in each other’s growth. If we make too many friends, we can only spend a short period of time for each. That is to.

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