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From Communism to Democracy

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Gradualism is naturally the most feasible approach to any

situation. Since the fall of the iron curtain, these two Communist

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From Communism to Democracy
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power houses have chose to move towards democracy. China has chosen

to take the natural, more gradual approach to democracy where as

Russia has chosen the fast-paced, more dangerous approach. These two

nations have chosen to change their economies from a collectivized

command one to a market oriented one in order to increase the standard

of living in their countries. As we have seen in recent years, China

is booming and becoming more and more successful, while Russia seems

like it is regressing back to parochial ways.

It is impossible to

compare anything but Russia and China’s approaches to change, and the

results that incurred. The two nations have vastly different

economies and to compare one economy to another would be illogical.

China and Russia’s approach to change are vastly different,

almost like night and day. China’s political and economic policy has

always been to do things gradually.

Whereas Russia believed in going

through the necessary changes quickly, so that the hardship would in

turn pass just as quickly. In the implementation of their policies,

we have seen that China’s approach has led to a 29% of growth in their

industrial field. But in comparison, Russia only yielded 15% with

their approach. But one must keep in mind that China has more

industrial sectors than does Russia, so their job in improving

industry is notably easier than Russia’s feat in developing an

Politically, the two nations have the same policies that they

held in their economies. China believes in gradually letting the

people have more access to political freedom. And again, Russia’s

policy has been to flood them all at once with these new found

freedoms. Unfortunately Russia’s policy hasn’t been the most

naturally feasible approach again. Their people have been suddenly

bombarded with all of these new found freedoms they have never

experience before. They are like little children let loose in a candy

store. There are all of these new things available to them, and most

of the younger generation wants too try everything at once. All of

these citizens experimenting with their new freedoms are creating

political chaos. The Russian citizens don’t have time to savor their

new freedoms and are just trying to grab them from left and right.

For they are probably afraid that if they don’t take their freedoms

quickly, they will leave as quickly as they came. On the other hand,

China refuses to allow their citizens run the nation. Instead they

are continuing to shun democracy. They refuse to have democratic

elections, pro-democracy demonstrations, and still censor the press.

They are still trying to maintain that wall that separates them from

the rest of the world. From a democratic aspect, China’s approach is

appalling. China is refusing basic democratic rights that the Western

nation citizens take for granted. China is under the misconception

that they can give it’s people little crumbs of freedom and keep them

from wanting more. China’s leaders think that they can keep

controlling that many people for an undetermined amount of time, they

don’t realize that once the people know about a better life, nothing

can stop them from pursuing that life also. So looking at Russia and

China’s political policies, it is safe to say that what is good for

the economy may not necessarily be good for the people.

When looking at evolution and physiology, one will also notice

that changes naturally happen gradually. Over time, living organisms

change and evolve, but the key ingredient is time. Sometimes

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