Fun Day Festivities Essay

1. What was America’s first penny candy to be individually wrapped? Tootsie Rolls were the first individually wrapped candy and were sold for one penny each beginning in 1896. http://www.

ehow. com/about_5435061_whatever-happened-penny-candy. html 2. At which fraternity at which college was the movie Animal House based? The Alpha Delta fraternity at Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.

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Fun Day Festivities
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H. , is said to be the inspiration for the 1978 movie “National Lampoon’s Animal House. The house was raided by police who hauled away 10 crates and two bags of evidence.


usatoday. com/news/nation/2006-06-09-animal-house-investigation_x. htm 3. What were the previous names for the American League baseball team the Lo Angeles Angels of Anahein? * They started out in ’61 as the Los Angeles Angels.

* They became the California Angels in ’66 when they came to Anaheim. * They changed their name to the Anaheim Angels in ’97. * Arte Moreno changed the name back to the Los Angeles Angels in 2005. * http://wiki.

nswers. com/Q/What_were_the_previous_names_for_the_American_league_basebal l_team_the_Los_Angeles_angels_of_Anaheim 4. What is the cheapest price to purchase a copy of the latest version of Microsoft Office Professional? | | Word 2007| | Groove 2007| | | Excel 2007| | Publisher 2007| | | PowerPoint 2007| | Access 2007| | | Outlook 2007| | InfoPath 2007| | | OneNote 2007| | | http://www. microsoft.

com/student/discounts/theultimatesteal-us/default. aspx 5. What are Kingda Ka and Son of Beast, and what do they have in common?

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