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Gandhi’s Truth

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Truth is something that many people have been searching for, and can’tfind. Gandhi described Truth like his inner peace, in this case it was God.

Thanks to his happiness and tranquility he had inside he was able to fightpeacefully and achieve everything he did. Gandhi was one of these seekersand was lucky enough to find his inner truth. With out Truth people arelost. Truth brings peace and everyone knows that the most desired wish isto have peace all over the world.

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Gandhi’s nonviolent struggles in SouthAfrica and India were in search of that wish. Although accepting of hisstatus as a great innovator in the struggle against racism, violence, and,just then, colonialism, Gandhi feared that enthusiasm for his ideas tendedto surpassed a deeper understanding. He says that he was after Truth indevotion to God and attributed the turning points,successes,andchallenges in his life to the will of God. His attempts to get closer tothis divine power led him to seek purity through simple living, dietarypractices, and ahimsa, a life without violence.

Gandhi is one of the most important people that has existed. His was aperson in love with peace and that fought for Indians Independence. He didit in the most peaceful manner and in the end got what he wanted freedom.

Gandhi’s truth is seeked by many, but in some way his truth canonly befound by him. Gandhi said that “truth is whatever one feels in one’s heartis morally good, correct and true”. Nobody in the world is the same,everyone has something special that makes them unique. Gandhi knew this andthat’s why he said that everyone’s Truth is different.Everyone feels adifferent and contrary Truth because human minds evolve in different ways.

No one should try to force there Truth on another. The search for Truth ispersonal and is found in what each one finds there inner peace.There isno easy steps to follow conserning Truth. Everyone wants to find that stateof mind were you can be yourself and care only about the things that reallymatter. If everybody found this the world would be perfect and nobody wouldhave any problems. Maybe it’s a good thing that people don’t feel lostanymore but if everyone were in the same and there wouldn’t be anyconflicts then the world in the end might result into something boring.

There’s nothing wrong on being at peace with the world and most importantlyyourself, but if everyone were like this people don’t know what mightbecome of the world.

The ultimate Truth of Gandhi’s God. He had nothing against otherreligions or against other gods, but he found truth in his God and not inany other. He thought that Jesus showed Truth when he gave the Sermon onthe Mount and Mohammed also saw truth and described it in the Koran, butBuddha found Truth and found a special way of describing it. Even thoughGandhi found Truth in Buddha it doesn’t mean that everyone finds it in him.

God can be one way to find Truth in every religion. Every religion has someway of describing Truth and if it doesn’t describe it completely for aperson it leads them on the right path to find it.Religion is a veryserious topic because everyone has different opinions on it. Truth may befound it what each person feels at ease with. There are thousand of peoplethat breath and live only for there religion, like it’s seen in Arabcountries. These people fight and search for “justice” in a violent way inthe name of there religion. When the people that follow these believes diein the name of the religion they feel that they’ve reached Truth and thatthere going to the best and higest spiritual place in the world. It’s hardeven for Gandhi to define the exact place were humans can find Truth, it’sa search that everyone needs to do for themselves and that will findresults foe themselves only.

For Gandhi finding Truth was finding a way to do things nonviolentlyand understanding why violence is not right. The Hindu word for nonviolenceis Ahimsa, for Gandhi this word meant much more that nonviolence, it meantlove justice brotherhood, harmony and goodwill. Ahimsa is a very powerfulword for Gandhi, a word that is constantly in battle with violence. But forhim Ahimsa will always beat violence because it’ has the power of Truth. Ina country like Colombia, a big problem has become the fact that peopledon’t have Truth and don’t have hope. Truth in Colombia is having faith,believing, solidarity and loving. In the problems we have with violence ifthe hole country finds this Truth, maybe Colombia can beat violence in anon violent manner, not like its being done right know and maybe Colombiacan prosper into a well developed country. Not only Colombia is a countrythat needs to find Truth, the whole world needs to find it so that everyonecan live more peacefully and the terrorist attacks end, and people can livewithout fear. Fear is what the world is filled with and is tormentingpeople. Gandhi was a person who believed in the dignity of man and left usall a with the teachings of ahimsa, love and tolerance. To stop fearinghumans need dignity to stand up for themselves and loved ones. His life wasguided by a search for Truth. Gandhi said that truth was God and his goalin life was to achieve truthfulness in thought, word and deed. Ahimsa, tohim was the highest virtue. By non violence, Gandhi meant not merely theabsence of violence but also loving concern for all life. This is somethingthat world terrorist don’t have because there to involved in there selfishand violent acts, He believed that truth could be known only throughtolerance and concern for others and that find a truthful way to solutionsrequired constant testing. He taught that to be non-violent required greatcourage. When people say that a man that hits a women is not a real man,they can refer to this last teaching. For a man to have courage is to talkand say what he feels on a certain situation instead of acting in a violentmatter and not resolving anything in the end. Violence can be said to bemans worst friend.

Himsa is another Hindu word that is the total opposite of Ahimsa.

Himsa is “a natural and instinctive preoccupation with the physical well-being and comfort of the body”. When people have to much Himsa they don’thesitate to use violence to satisfy the physical desires of the body.

Violence is aggression, hatred, lying and even cheating. Humans have thechoice to choose which of the two they want to follow. Gandhi choose tofollow Ahimsa. He choose to control his physical desires by subduing Himsaand enriching Ahimsa. Like everything in life there are two paths the rightand the wrong. Many take the wrong path, thinking that it’s easier and willbring them more in life. A few others take the right path and follow aprocess in which they are hugly benefited in the end. No one has theauthority to judge and say that Gandhi’s path is the only correct one. Hefollowed that path because he felt it was the correct one for him. He wentthrough certain steps like fasting to enrich his soul. The outstandingthing about Gandhi has his ability to withstand pain and hardship and todeny himself from physical comforts, for him doing these type of thingsmeant taking small steps in the right path . He always said that if deathmeant the preservation of the ahimsa in his soul, that he was ready to die.

Ahimsa was the path to Truth. He even thought that death would take him totruly understand Truth and reach God. And for Gandhi the most importantthing was reaching a state in which he could feel the peace and reach God.

Satyagraha means truth and firmness or Truth-force, in English it anbe said to be “passive-resistance”. This helped Gandhi to enter politicsand social reform this term helped Gandhi fight without hating or hurting.

The ways he did this was by disobeying unjust laws, effusing to cooperatewith authorities and boycotting certain goods or industries, help himresist the violent attacks that were happening against him. Power wasanother important factor of Gandhi’s Truth. He felt that a power wasspreading trough everything in the universe. This power goes hand by handwith Truth. The people that are acting with Truth gain power, such asGandhi. He felt that this power gave him strength to his satyagrahacampaigns, like starving to striking against an unjust act. Gandhi used thenonviolent and spiritual power of the Truth to confront and overcome theviolent physical power of the British Empire. Some may think that forGandhi being so involved in politics may have made him forget his spiritualside, but in some way and with all the factors that have been discussed, itactually enforced his religious beliefs. Every single decision that Gandhimade in his life, the composition of his diet to the political strategieshe promoted, was given equal thought and was grounded on Truth. Many thinkGandhi’s concept of satyagraha and non-cooperation were brilliant politicalstrategies. Gandhi adopted these techniques only because he thought thatthose paths would take him nearer to the Truth. In fact it appears thatGandhi’s only all consuming passion in life is to achieve the Truth andnothing else. India’s independence appears to be a product of that process.

Many of his controversial and not so popular decisions – his initialallegiance to the British throne, his support for the British during theBoer war and the First world war, the suspension of the non-cooperationmovement – now make sense. He made those decisions only because he actuallythought he would deviate from the truth if he did otherwise.

Perhaps, strong, lovingselfless,genuine,courageous,self-sufficient, frugal and intelligent come to mind. All these words belong toand suitably great hero, and certainly, Gandhi is a great hero whosespecial power is that of unmatched focus, determination and courage. Muchof the struggles and suffering that Gandhi purposely produced at his owndesire, were to initiate a social change, to create harmony, to achieveequality and to deter discrimination. He would recommend and activelydemonstrate civil disobedience, as a moral method to achieve these goals,and would welcome and embrace suffering in the process. Gandhi and hisfaithful followers used civil disobedience as a tool for social reform andconsequently with great fortitude, were subject to continuous imprisonmentand instances of harsh beatings. They exhibited a vow of fearlessness. Theystrived to eliminate discrimination and inequity in South Africa and Indiaand they welcomed personal suffering to do so. Civil disobedience, however,would not be effective without the moral power of, and commitment to,Satyagraha. Gandhi said that the Truth is whatever one feels in one’s heartis morally correct, good and true. Truth is revealed by a silent innervoice. Every human being feels different just because all human mindsevolve in so many different ways. Truth to one person is so much differentfrom the concept of Truth for another individual.

Its hard to analysis Gandhi’s teachings because they weresoanalytical and so spiritual. There is one thing that nobody can deny andthat is that he was a great leader and a person how’s example should befollowed by many. He found his inner peace in God or what he called it hisTruth. His followers search for many years many with out results. There isa long journey to follow to reach this state and more importantly manyobstacles to over come. India owes a lot to Gandhi most precisely itsindependence. This is not the only aspect that Gandhi left India. Itthought the people about fighting with out violence and about finding apath that truly makes each and every person happy in the inside and theoutside. Truth as its been said several times before is very important tohave, because it gives you many benefits in life. One is being In peacewith yourself and others, another is having your life in perspective andlearning to let the little things go. Religion was the biggest par of hislife, and everything revolves around it. A lot can be learned from thisextraordinary person and some can even in some way fin the meaning of life,in him.

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