Gangs and Their Effects Essay

Gangs and Their Negative Effects| By:Trang TaCause and Effect EssayProfessor Marshall| 9/27/2012| | | | Nowadays, gangs are appearing everywhere from urban to rural area, and they will be gradually out of number - Gangs and Their Effects Essay introduction|| By:Trang TaCause and Effect EssayProfessor Marshall| 9/27/2012| | | | Nowadays, gangs are appearing everywhere from urban to rural area, and they will be gradually out of number. They can be easily recognized through their hairstyle, clothes, and especially their communication. Gangs work under the form of an organization or a group. A member of a gang rarely works alone. A gang can be criminal or non-criminal, but all levels of gangs always involves violence. Gangs and gangsters are the most major concern for citizens, polices and the neighbor’s government.

Gangs’ activities have negative effects. Because of involving violence and safety, a fear is eventually forming in the innermost of citizens. If one guy is a member of a group of gangs, his friends, family members, relatives will be involved to the gangs’ activities too. Moreover, once they get involved to the gangs, so there is no way that they can be set free. As we known, gangs always function in form of a group, and the strongest person will be a leader that person use members’ family safety as their kryptonite to make them work for the group. Their safety will be like a slender thread faces a strong wind.

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The rest of their life has to live in the world of stresses and frightening. For the victims are killed by homicide, the pain of losing family member is overwhelming and must not go away immediately. A trauma like that certainly never is recovered for some families. They are not only facing with the loss of a family member, but also the loss of the financial supporter, family’s breadwinner, made the decisions for the family, and cared for their family. Children grow up without knowing a parent, and a wife or a husband has to handle with consequences.

Those innocent people may have to face with a world of problems that they might never ever have faced with before the tragedy. Because of the cruel gangs’ activities, a lot of tragedies are created. Activities of the gang, such as graffiti, violence fighting, racing, or robberies cause vandalism neighbor’s property, such as cars, households, and public commercials. A gang crime can be occurred anywhere in the town. It may be a local park, a school, a parking lot, even a groceries store. Gangs mash every property that is in the middle of the battle field.

No business investors want to send their money to develop the place where they think that their properties and resources will be used for gang crimes. If a neighbor doesn’t have any development, the economy of the town will fall down without braking in the middle. Some gangs give them a “permission” to collect monthly money which they called “a protection fee”. If the owner did not hand them the fee, they would demolish the store until they get the money. Therefore, prices of local groceries and commodities have to be risen up to compensate the fee.

Gang members use graffiti to declare their allegiance to the gang, advertise the gang’s status or power. Without permission, they just paint, draw, or sculpt on neighborhoods’ properties; therefore, it decreases property values in residential neighborhoods and negatively affects industrial and commercial areas. The serious effect of gangs’ activities is effect of teenager, and children. A lot of people said, most of teenagers minds are hard to understand. Some of them think that join in a gang group is just for fun or satisfy their curious, but they did not think about consequences.

Mostly, their parents do not know about the existence of their child in a gang group. Once being a part of gangs, school is a waste of time. Their wars appropriate all their “precious” time, and drugs, arms, ammunitions, and weapons surround and live in their life. Those youth will become uneducated, and they will never realize the bad side of being a gang member. Therefore, their next generation might follow the parent steps becoming another generation of gangster. However, the others numbers of youth is the victims of gang’s criminal activities, such as kidnapping, or bullying.

If they get hurt by violence, a child will have to cope with not only physical or medical problems but also mental traumas. A child may grow up with a good education, then a bright future. However, that kid may have to face with mental health problems which affect a lot to their future. Ultimately, many innocent families have to live backward, forlorn lives where their opportunities and chances are severely restricted by the frightening of the gangs presence in town. There is may be some good gangs out there in the society, but generally, all the gangs’ activities will ever have a good affection for the neighborhood. Everyone has to work toward to solve gang problems. In other to prevent the development of gangs we have to have a good education and provide it to our next generation. The most important thing over all is the concern for teenager. Parents should get involve to their children life as much as possible, and then they can know and protect the kids out of gangs’ activities. We cannot underestimate small and non-violence gangs because gangs are becoming violence very quickly.

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