Gap Year - Part 2

Hi, it is really a pleasant surprise to receive your letter! - Gap Year introduction! It’s nice to hear from you that you’re planning to go on a gap year of traveling around the world and taking a job. It may be a good idea to do so, but what I am really ecstatic about is the news that you have finished the first year of a medical degree in the university.

I think you’re too impetuous in making your decision. Though I would find the decision tricky too if I were you. So, I would consider both options, for going on a gap year or pursuing the studies, very carefully as they have their respective benefits and drawbacks.

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It’s quite true that traveling abroad may be a chance for you to have a break and to do something different apart from education. It may also improve your self confidence, assertiveness and also personal skills. For taking a job, it may be a good lesson for you to gain further life experiences. It could be possible for you to become more mature and widen your horizon at the same time. Nevertheless, I think gap year is not a good idea, because it may spoil your studies and career.

While studying the medical degree in the university may not be as adventuresome or exciting as taking a gap year, but it would be a challenging task for you. Plus, don’t forget that traveling around the world need an expensive fee. Even you want to take a job to support with your plan, but it is not a feasible solution, because there is a high chance of getting a poor job and end up only getting a low salary. Worst of all, you may end up in many debts because of your overscheduled plans. On top of that, you may feel hard to settle back into your school life after the gap year. You may think that you could try to return to your studies later when you finish the gap year. But you also know full well that it would not be as easy as before, since you may forget the knowledge you’ve learnt in school years ago. It will be difficult for you to follow the curriculum and you need some time to accommodate the school life. So, I’m sure that you’ll agree that this is not a good time to pass up your studies.

Most people would concur that studying is stressful and boring, especially in universities. But, I have faith in you that you can overcome these hardships. You’ve swimmingly passed the first year of the medical degree, and it proves that you’ve the potential to handle your studies, so, why don’t you choose to continue it? Remember how you have always fantasized about being a doctor? And I can still remember the day you receive the admission letter of medical degree from the Australia University. You’re so happy and even burst into tears. You said that it was one of the key moments in your life. You now have the chance and you’re only a small step away from making your dream comes true. Why not just go ahead and do what you have believed in for so many years? There are only two years more to finish your medical degree and you will become a real doctor!

But, it is up to you to choose because only you can determine your future. But if I were you, I would choose to follow my dream as I’m sure I would not regret later. You need to be careful in making your decisions and never make any mistakes that would ruin your future. I hope you’ll figure out what your heart is longing for.

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