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Gavin Rossdale: Life and Career

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Gavin McGregor Rossdale is the singer, guitarist, songwriter, and front man of Bush. He was born on October 30, 1967 in England. Gavin grew up in London and was extremely close to his sister Soraya when he was a kid, and he always wanted to be a rock star. He didnt speak until he was four. Before the success of Bush, Gavin sang in the band Midnight. They put out a single but didnt do so well. When Bush came out, English labels werent that interested in Gavin thinking of him as used goods because he didnt do well the first time.

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Gavin Rossdale: Life and Career
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During his youth, Gav, as he is called, played soccer a lot and his favorite team is Arsenal. Gavin with his trademark: fuzzy leopard skin guitar strap, has turned into an American pin up boy. Gavin has admitted he never wished he wasnt good looking but he wants people to listen to his music and like him because of that, not because of his looks.

Gavin has had some girlfriends over the years. First there was Jasmine, who hung out with him for five years. After that rumor say he and Courtney Love was a couple but Gavin denies it. Today Gavin and No Doubt-singer Gwen Steffani are a couple. They met when No Doubt and bush played at the same concert.

Gavin and the group have put out some albums over the years. The first one being Sixteen Stone. It was a big success. The Next album they released was Razorblade Suitcase. It did as well as could be expected. Then a suprise CD came out, Deconstructed. It was there worst selling CD ever. It was all remixes of songs from past albums. Only the real fans of Bush would buy it. Gavin is comming out with another album in the Summer of 1999, called Facts of Science. Gavin says that it will be going back more towards Sixteen Stone.

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