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Geico Insurance

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I have concluded my research and discovered that Geico is the company that interests me. Geico is an insurance company and offers its service to a selected target audience. Geico was established in the mid 1930’s by the names of Leo and Lillian Goodwin. Their objective was to offer the same benefits of other insurance companies but with lower premiums. Some of the benefits it would offer are liability, collision, comprehension, fire and theft. Many people started to see the benefits of the company and it started to grow its customer base.

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It is now one of the largest insurance companies nationwide. Geico’s acceptance and growth had a large part to do with its media coverage. A lot of their money went into advertising. They had to develop something that would grab people’s attention. Often times, companies pay actors or actresses to help promote their product or service. However, Geico doesn’t need to hire professionals to get their point across to their target audience.

Instead, they use pre-existing customers to show the benefits of their insurance.

To help demonstrate this, they created a commercial that intertwined a real customer and a celebrity about an incident that occurred and how Geico helped them out. They would use movie stars such as Michael Winslow, The Pips, Joan Rivers, Don LaFontaine, Burt Bacharach and Peter Frampton. Each of these commercials had the same strategy and target in mind. They would have a customer describe a real accident or predicament they were involved in and what Geico did to help them. In between this, they would have a celebrity make light of the situation.

Sometimes it was singing, making jokes, using a cool voice or over acting. If it came off as funny and unusual, it would increase impulsive ad recall. Subsequent to that, they created another famous icon called “The Caveman. ” The cavemen not only live in modern society but also are intelligent, urbane bachelors. In all of these broadcasts, there would be signs saying “So easy a caveman could do it” and the caveman would always get insulted by it. This sign diminishes their ego and self worthiness. It implies that they are stupid and only follow basic instincts.

Regardless of how many times the caveman tries to prove them wrong, it never changes their opinion. Even after the caveman makes several intelligent statements, he is just belittled and insulted by the so called experts. It also shows prejudice towards them. In spite of the caveman’s protest against the display of the ignorant statement, the so called experts would display it anyway. They would laugh and make light of the whole situation. During the growth of Geico, they wanted to create something (logo) that would remind people of them.

Often times in the south, people mispronounced “Geico” as “Gecko. ” This is where Geico got one of its favorite icons, the “Gecko. ” His English accent, composure, and eloquent manner are the distinguishing characteristics that set the Gecko apart from other advertising icons. In his commercials, he is telling his fellow listeners that by switching their automotive insurance to Geico- that they could save 15% or more. He tells people to visit Geico. com to get a free quote. He sometimes explains how important and easy it is to enroll.

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