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Gen Y is from Mercury

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After reading the article “Gen Y is from Mercury” the first thing that came to my mind was how the author uses mature reasoning. Mature reasoning is characterized by well thought out reasons and rhetoric. In order to be a mature reasoned, the author must know exactly what he is arguing about and be able to support their evidence with four requirements: they have to know what are are arguing about, be open to opinions, be able to argue with their audience, and know how to connect well with whoever is reading or listening to their argument.

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Gen Y is from Mercury
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They must know what they are arguing about. They have to have done some type of research in order to put forth a logical argument. Yarrow and O’Donnell have both done many studies on today’s generation so they are able to back up their arguments with example and facts really well.

Mature reasoners are able to keep an open mind with other people’s opinions as well.

Even though they know what they are talking about, they are open to other opinions from other people. They like to go in with an open mind. In “Gen Y is from Mercury”, the authors argue that Generation Y is the most unique and powerful generations ever. With that being said, they argue with backed up facts with research they have done.

Another thing mature reasoners have to add in is their time frame. Some arguments have already been argued and they are keeping it up to date, arguing the problem in todays society, or even arguing for the future. The author in this article argues about today’s generation and how we were raised with one parent or two, where we resided, and if we were raised with technology and so forth.

They also must be able to connect with their audience. While reading this article, I connected with it because I am from the new generation, but they do mention the older generation at the end of their article. Older generations are not familiar with all this technology so they aren’t able to connect as well as the newer generations who are able to have knowledge on technology.

Overall, I think both Yarrow and O’Donnell did a phenomenal job of using mature reasoning and I enjoyed how I was able to relate with the generation they used. They both met al four requirements making the article well worth reading.

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Gen Y is from Mercury. (2016, Aug 18). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/gen-y-is-from-mercury/

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